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Can I Vent Here?

Ladies, I need to take just a moment to vent to some people who might understand. I hope you don't mind.

Here's what I've learned recently: Wedding planning does not happen in a vacuum. You hear all the horror stories about how stressful and difficult it is to plan a wedding and you think, "Mine will be different. Because I am organized and creative and good at this sh**. This will be a breeze." Except you forget about how many other people are going to be involved. And no matter how organized and creative and good you are, other people will always have opinions that they have to share with you. There are parents to please, bridesmaids whom you don't want to demand too much of, friends who are opinionated and self-centered, and fiancés who love you dearly but are maybe a bit ill-equipped to handle you at your most stressed. So yeah, if I were marrying myself and had no friends or family, this wedding would be a breeze. But unfortunately, I don't live in a vacuum and there are a lot other people involved. Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed and underappreciated.

We're exactly one year out today, we're in the midst of a venue change (stressful!) and suddenly things are starting to seem very real. How is everyone else doing? 

Re: Can I Vent Here?

  • Vent freely.Yeap it's a pain,beautiful but still a pain for a beautiful but still just one day.
    And people,relatives and especially strangers would always want to put their opinion in your mouth.

    We are less than a year too for ahem,3rd time.
    Everything is at least ready now,venue,photographer etc,so it's easier.

  • Yup- weddings and funerals always seem to bring out the worst in people!  :/

    Nonetheless - hang in there!  Things may not end up going exactly as you had envisioned, but keep a positive outlook, try your best to roll with the punches and remember, at the end of the day you will be married!
  • Parents to please? Yeah I think I can sympathize there. I value opinions of other people, but it does get old every time I bring up an idea for my wedding and my mother has to think of something she likes better. I feel very fortunate though that my Fiance is very understanding and has dealt with me being very stressed with moving from California to Washington and then my out-process from the military. Now we are in the process of finding new jobs. We're kind of taking our time with things, although venues are something I really want to look at soon. My mother is doing a good job of pressuring us to start some of this, but again, trying to take our time a bit. I know it's going to get stressful, but we've already been through a lot together.

    Best of luck to all of you guys!

  • Here's my to cents u dont really have to please anyone. My theory is if your not contributing (we are paying for most of this ourselves) you don't get an opinion. So that usually just leaves parents. Unfortunately you kinda have yo work with them. But they are part of the wedding as well since you are joining families. Long story sort listen to everyone's ideas but do what YOU want unless they are willing yo sign on the line :)
  • Thanks, girls. Things are MUCH better. I flipped out a little because we had SO much planned and then all of a sudden my FMIL suggested another venue (a better venue) and it kind of turned everything upside down. I'm happy we made the switch, but it definitely put a temporary kink in all the plans I had already made. We're back on track now and I'm feeling better... but I don't know where the past month has gone! I swear we were just celebrating hitting the one year mark and now we're at 11 months! Even FH is starting to feel like there's too much to do and not enough time. We're thriving under pressure though, and now the fun is really starting!

    We can do this, ladies! 

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