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Who LOVES working out and the gym?

Who loves to work out and go to the gym? I do.
i love having my gym time, its like my ME time, i used to go at least 6 days a week, but normally 7, 2 hours at a time minimum. I loved it.
But the honey doesnt like me going to the gym alone, says guys are weird at the gym. my gym has 2 sections, under 18, and 18+, i work out on the 18+ side because thats where all the older people are, normally 30+ because the better weights are on the other side, thats where more 20 something men hang out and i do agree they are very odd there, and they stare at you while youre working out and i hate how its set up. so i like the other side where theres classes, and old people that dont care what youre doing, how old you are, or stare at you.

so a few months back me, my brother, and my fiance all joined this other gym, it was really cool, i loved it, it had 24/7 access, and key card entry so if you werent a member you couldnt get in, and you never had to worry about making it before they closed cause you could go in at 1am if you wanted. i loved getting my workout in i had it all dialed in with a little spot set up in a corner for yoga and stretching. they stopped wanting to go because it got too crowded in the weights area, i didnt think so anytime i was in there it was fine and all the stuff i like to do was always open. so they stopped wanting to go so i couldnt go, then we all got rid of the membership. 

i tried the home gym thing, got some good stuff, and took my dads old equipment, but its really not the same, i like the gym energy as in the gym and i totally miss it i have no motivation to go outside to workout. and its like going to the gym i think i already drove all the way here so i need to finish my workout to make it worth the gas, having it at home i can just say im just going to take a little break and then i never make it back outside. 

any advice on trying to convince the honey to be more comfortable with me hitting the gym alone? my cousin has a membership and he wouldnt mind me going with her, but shes never available and doesnt do the same things as i do and i want to stay for 2 hours and shes done in 20 minutes and she doesnt have her own car so it just doesnt work out to go together.

Re: Who LOVES working out and the gym?

  • Umm.. Tell him to get over it? You're a grown up. You can take care of yourself. 
    Are there often creepy guys at the gym? Yes. There are creepy guys at the grocery store, in the park, at the mall, at the beach, etc as well .
    Do women get checked out at the gym? Yes. Women get checked out a tthe grocery store, in the park, at the mall, at the beach, etc as well. 

    Getting my drift here? Men get checked out at the gym by women as well. There are creepy women at the gym as well, Men get hit on, women get in on, no matter where they are. It happens. If your husband isn't okay with you being alone at the gym, I find that really odd. It seems REALLY controlling to me. You're not his child. You're a grown woman. 

    I'm at the gym at least two hours a day. Alone. I like working out in group X classes or on my own. I'm not a fan of the buddy system. I think I would die of laughter if my H told me he wasn't comfortable with me going to the gym.. in gross sweaty clothes.. with no make up on.. to sweat my butt off alone. 

  • ditto firsttimersluck. Either way - if someone is being inappropriate, just complain to management. They usually take that very seriously anyways. I spend 3x the amount of time as my FI at the gym and I absolutely have been hit on, approached, whatever, but you just brush them away and tell them you are in the middle of a set, or your busy, and to have a good day.

    It's a little silly to expect you to need a buddy. My girls that are friends that usually go to the gym don't/can't/won't work as hard as I do, nor will they lift because they will get "omg big". So I'd never go with a buddy because they'd just hinder my training.
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    Your FI is being ridiculous and childish.  You are a grown ass woman and if you want to go workout at the gym then that is your right.  You shouldn't have to ask permission.  Like firsttimersluck said you could get hit on anywhere and there are creepy people all over the place, not just the gym.  So unless your FI won't let you go anywhere alone (which again is ridiculous and controlling), he needs to grow the f up.

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