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April 2010 Weddings

What was your favorite part

of your wedding? Since it's so dead hereI figured I'd give a list of my favorite things--since I can't pick just one!

1) The blanket ceremony--just as my Great Uncle (a Cherokee elder) was blessing the ceremony, 2 hawks flew over us--which is very symbolic to the spirituality.

2) DH's vows. he was so worried about writing them and sounding stupid, but they were so beautiful and I couldn't believe he had written something so thoughtful.

3) First dance. We NEVER dance and this was our official first dance ever. I could hear people in the background saying 'aw' so I guess we looked good!

4) the food. Man, my family cooked up the best buffet ever. Ziti, meatballs, chicken, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs. I could have eaten all day long.

5) seeing DH with his wedding ring. There was a moment when I was talking to my MOH, then looked over and saw DH talking to someone else with his hand on a glass of punch. Seeing the ring on his finger gave me a jolt, it was so weird but at the same time so amazing.

6) that night. no, not in that way! after everyone left and we were in bed just reflecting on everything, knowing we were married. it was such a great feeling!

Anyway, that's all for now. I have to get back to work!

Re: What was your favorite part

  • Being announced as man and wife.....just hearing all the claps and cheers for us from our friends and family, really made me realize just how great the people in our lives are and how incredibly happy they were for us.

    The food....our food was sooo good. I had compliments from everyone on how great the food was!

    My dance with my dad....we are close, but not very lovey dovey and sentimental. He picked a pretty sappy song to dance to and told me when we started to keep talking to him so he didn't cry.....it melted my heart because I've never seen my dad cry.

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  • stelle--I knew my dad wouldn't cry because he was so nervous. We aren't all that close either but his girlfriend told me that he cried the first time he listened to the song I picked out for us.

    As for the clapping, I was so caught up in the moment of just being announced and doing our exit walk that I barely even noticed. It wasn't until I watched the video that I saw how many people were clapping and cheering!
  • Got it THANKS! Its just soo big....but at least there is a picture!
  • Ooooooo, good post!

    First Place: The kiss at the end of the ceremony and the dip at the end of the first dance!  I think these were the two moments I cherish most from the day!

    Second Place: We also had a lot of friends and family that performed songs both at the ceremony and the reception, which was such a blast and such a special contribution

    Third Place: getting ready with all of my girlfriends ans women in my family before the wedding, we had entirely too much fun!
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  • Marick--my DH wanted to dip me but was so afraid of dropping me that he didn't do it. Not that I minded, I have no dancing or dipping skill or coordination whatsoever, so it probably would have looked very awkward!
  • LOL about the dipping.  We had a few dance lessons beforehand and DH asked the lady "hey, can you teach me how to dip her correctly" and sure enough, he almost sent me falling backwards in practice!  Good thing he didn't randomly spring that on me at the reception!
  • Seeing DH's ring is so great!

    Hanging out with my girls pre wedding for the mani/pedis and for the make-up and hair. It was SO great to be with all of them.

    Seeing DH at the end of the asile smiling and seeing the church filled with people

    Having 3 friends sing at the wedding and 1 friend play the organ/piano. It was amazing and made it SO special.

    Dancing w/ my dad was really fun!

    Having the Bently limo for DH and I it was nice to sit there and have some quiet on the way to pics and the reception.

    Seeing SO many people and dancing with all of them.

    Oh anad all the compliments I've been getting. LOVE IT!!
  • about dipping: I was luke warm on the idea, but DH was totally into it, I had no choice.  But I think we pulled it off (no bloody noses or anything), and people loved it!
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
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  • I can't even pick!

    I have to say, my favorite was hearing all of ourguests tell us it was the best wedding they had ever been to. It literally made me want to burst out crying!!!!

    Seeing DH for the first time while walking down the aisle was definitely a big one, but the vows part was the ONLY part of the ceremony where I cried. And DH flubed up the vows but it was so cute!!!

    I also agree on the ring thing - During the ENTIRE honeymoon I kept playing with his ring, he kept making fun of me about it :P
  • Wow! Our whole day was amazing it's really hard to choose. I think my favorite moment was- Hearing DH say his vows. I never knew that it would mean so much to me.
  • DH has worn his ring since I proposed to him over a year ago. He refused to take it off since then. He tells me that he feels he married me the day I put that ring on his finger. And it's true, I felt the same way. I remember right after he started wearing it I used to look at it alot with the word "MINE" running through my head- LOL.

    I would have to say my favorite part was when DH just couldn't stop staring at me - and he just stuttered "you look absolutely stunning" - he's still saying that the next week - haha!

    I would say the part I remember the most about the day is the cake being screwed up and how it was an EPIC failure (i'm OCD). The other was the part where the photog didn't get the one picture I really wanted him to although I asked him twice and had it in the "must have" list I gave him.

    The part DH remembers the most of that day is me F**king up the unity candle ceremony by lighting the wrong candle- and him calling me goober on the video. He will never let me live that one down.
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  • Ha, we have, on video, me sounding like a chipmunk because someone forgot to change the microphone setting. We were playing with the machine the day before and it has this setting that makes your voice really high pitched, and must have forgotten to turn it off. So when I took the mic to day my vows I sounded like a chipmunk. Not quite being called a goober, but very funny (though I was so nervous at the time it just made it worse!).

    And when DH said "I do," I said "you better" and I swear I don't remember saying it. Again, I was nervous, so when I watched the video and saw people laughing my mom had to tell me what I said.
  • Again - so many, but amongst my favs were:

    The way he looked at me during the ceremony...all tender and misty eyed...

    Seeing my friendsd and family as I walked down the aisle...that made my day, it really did :-)

    The dancing!!!

    Crawling into bed that night (we were totally exhausted!!!) and knowing that we were man and wife!

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