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Catholic beach wedding, where are the few places you can do it?

Hello everybody,

We would like to have a catholic beach wedding. I understand that, especially in the US, the Catholic church does not support that idea. However, I did find a place in Cancun that has a catholic glass chapel on the ocean and the post mentioned that they are a few more places that do it. Does anybody know of any place like this? We are not limited to a certain destination.

As an alternative, I could see myself getting married in a Catholic church near a beach, like in a small beach town or right next to the beach and having the reception at a beach venue. For this, I would like to keep it to the Southeast (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama). Does anybody know of nice places?

Thank you!

Re: Catholic beach wedding, where are the few places you can do it?

  • Sadly, many Catholic churches require you to be a member of the diocese to be married in their church.  For instance, Tybee Island is a great beach to get married on.  The permit fee for the wedding is only $25.  However, St Micheal's is a member of the diocese of Savannah and requires couples looking to get married there to be a member of the diocese.  
    There are also very few reception venues in GA that are right on the beach.  You may be able to rent a pavilion space, but there are only a few of those, as well.  

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  • You could try to find a priest that will do a beach wedding. I've seen it done before my friend IN NY did it!
  • It's going to be VERY difficult to do this.  The Catholic Church doesn't recognize any marriage that's not performed within the walls of a Catholic Church.

    That being said, you can always have your beach ceremony and ask your home Church about doing a Convalidation.  That will give you the wedding you want, and your marriage will be blessed by the Church at a later date, making it "legitimate" in the eyes of the Church.  However, not all Churches will do these so it's best to ask first.  Good luck!
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