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    How timely! I just wrote up my report! Kalani was great! A really smooth voice. His email is [email protected] We fell in love with Pia, just a super guy and made it all relaxed and easy for the kids: [email protected] Ceremony was maybe 20 minutes with lei exchanges between bride and groom and parents, reading, song, vows.  I love Val!!! Her email is [email protected]
    Let me know if you need anything else!

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    I also used Rev Pia and LOVED him!!!!!  He read through the ceremony beautifully and with such meaning (I added quite a bit of verbiage to his standard ceremony).  More detailed review in my bio

    :ok, butting out now::
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    Marie - I should have known to look at your bio.  It's been helpful for so much other stuff, why I didn't look there sooner when we started thinking about the officiant, I don't know.  :)
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    ::blushing::  heehee Carrie!  Thanks!
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