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New Jersey

Crowne Plaza Fairfield NJ

Has anyone used Crowne Plaza in Fairfield, NJ as a hotel for your wedding guests? It looks nice, so just wondering if people had a good experience there. Thanks!

Re: Crowne Plaza Fairfield NJ

  • FutureMrsN3312FutureMrsN3312 Dirty Jersey member
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    I actually looked into (but never actually visited) Crowne Plaza in Fairfield.  Their pricing was $50 more a night then other hotels in the area.
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  • CtrosselloCtrossello member
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    Yes, I used this hotel for my wedding in Feb.  They are more expensive than other hotels in the area - but I used this to negotiate a better rate!  They were able to drop their prices.  It was still a small amount more expensive but IMO it is a nicer hotel so $10 bucks more seemed fair.

    They were great to deal with - Camehsa is the coordinator and she is so nice and willing to help you.  I think I called her multiple times a week towards the wedding and she was always so nice.  Starting 6 weeks prior to the wedding I started getting updates via email regarding how many rooms I had booked.  Closer to the wedding I was getting an update from Camesha twice a week.  It was nice that she kept me very much in the loop.  Some of my guests had problems booking the rooms - but it may have been "user error" rather than the hotel's fault.  It was mostly older family members who had the problem.  But, Camesha fixed all the room bookings for me and even told me to just have any last minute guests ask for her directly and she would book the room.  They also honored the room rate after the deadline since people always wait until the last minute which was very nice.

    Just a heads up regarding Shuttles - you need to book a minimum of 20 rooms for the complimentary Shuttle service.  This wasn't an issue for my group so it didn't bother us. Breakfast wasn't included, however we had the hotel issue breakfast vouchers so we only paid for those who actually came to breakfast.  I think we had maybe 10-15 people total who even went to breakfast,  and we had ~30 rooms booked.

    I also reco their restaurant.  At the last minute we hosted a dinner for ~10 ppl 2 nights before the wedding for family that had come into town early.  The food was AWESOME!!  Maybe it was because we just didn't have high expectations, but it was delicious and the presentation was what  you find in an upscale restaurant.  Really, really good.  
  • Thanks for your review!  It's good to hear that you had a good experience with them!  We have a big wedding, so I don't think we will have trouble reaching the 20-room minimum for the shuttle.  I agree that the hotel is a little nicer, so worth the extra money.  I will definitely try to negotiate now that I hear you were able to get the price down.  Thanks again :)

  • I am also looking into the Crowne Plaza. How many shuttles do they provide to your venue? Also, do you know if they have a bridal suite since I will be getting ready there...  Thanks!!
  • Rara421Rara421 member
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    They provide as many shuttles as you need to accomodate the guests who reserve through the wedding block.  You need to book at least 10 rooms to get the free shuttle, and they go within 10 miles of the hotel.

    They also have a choice of a few types of suites from the bride and groom.  If you book 20 rooms, you get the "Ambassador Suite" for free.  If you want to upgrade to the bigger "Presidential Suite," you can do so for an extra fee.
  • Ok perfect thank you for the info :) Did you stay at this hotel for your wedding?
  • I didn't realize you started this discussion topic, so you obv you didn't stay there yet! haha
  • Ok perfect thank you for the info :) Did you stay at this hotel for your wedding?
  • BestmlBestml member
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    Did anyone else use the CROWNE PLAZA for their wedding? I have to get ready at the hotel and I liked their suites the best. I just have heard mixed reviews. Any tips are much appreciated!
  • What kind of shuttles do they offer?  Are they like the walk on shuttles or vans?  I am thinking to use them for my wedding, but want to make sure the shuttles are nice 
  • The shuttles were actual shuttle buses and not just a van.  They were clean - I had a total of two shuttles and used one earlier in the day to take the bridal party to the WCC and then used the second to take all our guests over (most of our bridal party was staying at the hotel, so it worked out I could split them up).  I think mine held 40 ppl per shuttle.

    I did not hear any complaints about the shuttles or hear of anyone missing it either.  

    Someone else also made a comment about their suites - I splurged on the Presidential and it was awesome.  They actually only charged me for one night (rehearsal dinner), and comp'd me the wedding night.  Had a small "kitchen" area with mini fridge and a good amount of counter space and drawer space. Round table that sat four when you walked in, and a living room and separate bedroom.  I had 7 bridesmaids, plus moms, grandmas, and aunts in the suite with plenty of room to do hair and makeup.  The bedroom has a huge walk in closet which I used to throw everyone's bags in.  Shut that door and kept everyone out of the bedroom - which we used to take pictures in later once the photographer got there.  

    After the wedding when we got back, they had cleaned the suite and left us with dessert and a bottle of Champagne with a congratulations note.  

    They were really great to work with!
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