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July 5th

We are tying the knot on July 5,2014. Its been a long time coming. We have postponed it again and again. I guess we got it right this time. Its the day before my birthday. I need to start planning where do I begin. We changed the date from New Years Eve. We didnt want to the cold. So summer it is.
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  • Congratulations and happy wedding planning!Welcome!I know how that feels..We had to do it 3 times already,even the ticker doesn't want to change :(
    I hope it's our lucky time!Think that now it will be even better with everything decided ;)

  • Hi we just recently changed our date to July 5th as well.
    Soon to be Mrs. Lewis
  • yay! july 5th! we are hoping to see a few stray fireworks that night :)
  • Congratulations!  Our date is July 5th as well.  We are hoping for some fireworks after the rehearsal dinner or maybe the wedding too
  • July 5 is a popular day. I am also having my wedding on that date.. I am struggling with either having a fun casual wedding  or fancy it up a bit since it falls on a fun and celebrating holiday weekend. Most families cook out so BBQ may be out of the question for a menu choice. What are you ladies serving your guest?
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    We're having a casual cookout at our house for our out of town guests/rehearsal dinner on the 4th and then a more formal wedding and reception on the 5th.  Our venue has a pretty standard menu, but we haven't decided on specifics yet.  I'm loving the holiday weekend date so far!  It's made it easier for family to schedule the trip. 
  • July 5th bride here too! We are going to do our rehearsal dinner on the 3rd so that we can try to get all of our out of town guests to a place to watch fireworks. We live in NYC so they put on an amazing show and we want our guests to be able to see it. Figuring out how to pull that off is possible harder than planning the wedding at this point!

    I was worried about scheduling the wedding over a holiday weekend but no one has seemed to mind, at least they haven't told us about it if they did. 

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    Yet another July 5th bride here! FI is a high school and college sports official, so the only time I could guarantee he'd be available to (finally) get married is during the summer! We're having our rehearsal and dinner on the 4th in the late afternoon. Anyone in the wedding and OOT guests can still go to BBQs in the early afternoon. Our rehearsal should be quick, and the dinner is at a Chinese restaurant - also quick. We should be done with plenty of time to catch the local fireworks display as a group!

  • July 5 as well! I seem to alternate between thinking that I'm the queen of wedding planning and then deciding that I have nothing done and I'm way behind. I'm trying to be chill about it and not talk friends' ears off -- after all, it's one day, and we have the big stuff (venue, wedding party, catering, etc) all sorted. Pretty much everything else is just icing on the (wedding) cake. (Or in my case, wedding donuts.)

    We're doing the rehearsal on July 4, but found out that fireworks don't even start until 9:30, so we're trying to find a bar with a view that we can hang out at and let guests who aren't attending the rehearsal dinner know so they can come say hello.

    Here's to the next six months! 
  • I am another July, 5th bride.  I had to change my date.  Looking forward to planning along with you ladies!
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    Hey, July 5th brides - 3 months to go!

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