The Hilton Downtown Lexington

First of all, I will be glad to post this review again.  To the Hilton, if you want this post removed... maybe this proves how important it is to treat people.  Especially those, like me, that aren't afraid to post reviews about their experience.

The Hilton was the worst experience of our wedding day.  Everything was perfect except for the Hilton.  Before the wedding, we tried numerous times to get in touch with someone to have our rehearsal dinner there and after a MONTH of trying to get any kind of information or someone to help us, we realized that if it is this hard to even talk about having our rehearsal there then the actual rehearsal dinner would be horrible. 

Not only were we being asked to leave the parlor that we were getting ready in (even though I requested a late check out for the parlor) when my husband tried to check in to our honeymoon suite before the ceremony they said they didn’t have his reservation… even though it was under HIS Hilton Honors GOLD member account!

My sister did not get the adjoining rooms she requested, one of our out of town guests were sleeping on the floor because the room they PAID for just “isn’t available” and there was “nothing” they could do about it.

I am beyond extremely disappointed in the Hilton Downtown,  I never expected us to be treated this way.  By the way, when I called to discuss our disappointment with the manager, he raised his voice to me and tried to justify the situations.  That is absolutely unacceptable.  I called corporate offices. There are several hotels in downtown Lexington, I would go somewhere else. 

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