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My Favorite Gowns

Are missing. I haven't been on in awhile(family stuff) and all of my gowns that I "loved" are gone.

Any one?

Re: My Favorite Gowns

  • Hi there! Our teams are currently updating the favorites section on our site. They should be showing again sometime this week for you. If you do not see them by Thursday, please let me know.

  • Are you still updating? I can only access my favorites now as a complete group.  I can no longer scroll through just gowns or flowers on their own.  ...AND my favorites take forever to load, bouncing up and blocking looking at anything as I scroll through - and if I do click on something I have to reload the entire list again if I want to go back.  
    What's up with this?
    This site used to be such a great tool and was quite functional.  The photos seem bigger and the layout is pretty, but it is utterly useless as a search and compare tool now.

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