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Couples / Family Counseling? MSP area...

My significant other and I are interested in going to couples/family counseling. He has a 5 year old son from a previous relationship and we've recently been discussing moving in together. However, since that's such a big life change for all of us we were going to do some counseling first.

Does anyone know of any nice, professional, and affordable couples/family therapists in the MPLS St Paul area??

Thanks in advance! :D


Re: Couples / Family Counseling? MSP area...

  • Homestead Family Therapy with Lucas Volini, MA www.homesteadfamilytherapy.com
    The Engagement Coach with Adrienne Laursen theloveyouwant.com

  • My former co-worker is a social worker/counselor by trade but she also does premarital counseling...The combination of the two professions would probably be wonderful!  Her name is Mel and she's from Tie the Knot Wedding Ceremonies
  • Thanks for the recommendations, ladies! :D I'll be sure to check them out.
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