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AHS Opening Scene

They've released the opening sequence.

I think this is the most creepy and scary one yet:

Re: AHS Opening Scene

  • Is it longer than the others?  It seemed long.

    It was creepy, but I think I like season 1's opener best.

  • Ha! I just looked at season 1's opener and it's 4 seconds longer.  Adurr.
  • This one does seem more story like to me, rather than the other 2 that were just images flashing.

    IDK if it's longer.  It didn't seem like it to me, but I kept rewinding to see the shoes better.  B/c those things were CRAZY.
  • I totally get creeped out by the opening.
  • I watched it last night.  It's sooo... creepy. 

    Still not looking good on the 'mrs.conn will watch this show and not be a chicken' front.
  • I am freaked out by the previews they keep showing on TV. No thanks.
  • Cannot. Wait.

    I do think the past 2 openers were creepier though.

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