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Help finding Kilts

Hi Ladies,

My groom wants to do kilts for him and his groomsmen. Only issue is having trouble finding a good place to rent\buy from. Some places online seem shady and trying to find a more local (VA, MD, PA area) store. Does anyone have any ideas??? 

Thank you from a Bride trying to make her Groom's day just as special!

Re: Help finding Kilts

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    Does he have a family tartan?  If so, then the kilts have to be the specific colours/pattern of that.  I am not familiar with things in your area, but I think if you went to a seamstress he or she might be able to make some for the groom and groomsmen with his family tartan (if he does have one).  
  • My husband has a nice casual kilt from USA Kilts (link) in southeast PA. You might want to try your local boards too.
  • Check with your local (scottish/irish) clubs if you have any. Chances are they have vendors either locally or online that they can recommend. I haven't heard of being able to rent them. But be prepared, depending on fabric, they can get pricey $200+ per kilt
  • Yeah, kilts are expensive!

    My FI wants one so he can go to ren faires with me, and the ones I was looking at were about $150 to $175 or so, depending on the yardage of the kilt online.  We have a local place (Things Celtic <---linky) that does a 'Budget Kilt' for $110, or custom kilts made in Scotland for $500-$800.

    I hadn't known before, but our local joint rents kilts too, so perhaps you could find a local shop that does rentals?

    Just make sure he's not wearing undies under his kilt, otherwise, it's a SKIRT!  ;)

    Plus, kilt checks are fun.  *g*
    (Those are both tongue in cheek giggles for amusement)
  • Try to find a local Scottish Import shop.  If they don't rent them there, they should be able to refer you to somewhere that does.

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