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Alterations recommendations please!

My wedding dress just came in, but the bridal salon I bought it at does not offer alterations. Does anyone have any recommendations? The place I went to recommended Sandy's Alterations, but I have also heard good things about Brentwood Alterations. I did get a quote from D and M designs, but it seems pretty pricey considering I am making minimal alterations. 

Thanks so much for the help!

Re: Alterations recommendations please!

  • I'm pretty sure my mom went to Brentwood Alterations for her wedding suit this year. As far as I know she had no complaints. She looked great. And I was only at the shop with her for a few minutes but they seemed pleasant.

    Now... let's see... as far as other places:

    Enchanted Bride
    I did not have my wedding dress altered, however they made a dress coat for me that I wore before the wedding and for half the pictures. It was very well and it was awesome how they put the pattern together. Now... that being said.
    1) I was very lucky and my mom paid for all my attire stuff. I don't know their price point.
    2) Some of the seamstresses there I think do a better job than others. When I was there we really liked one gal in particular but I'm a horrible person and can't remember her name. I want to say maybe it's Xenia? I believe she's from somewhere in Eastern Europe (I know, I'm horrible. But it was a couple of years ago and kind of a blur). But she seemed to really know what she was doing.

    Sadie's Alterations
    This is bad on my part because I don't even know for sure that they do bridal. They also might be expensive. The gal that runs the place has kind of a gruff, no-nonsense attitude. And I actually really enjoyed that actually. I hate the sugary fake stuff some people lay out. Getting into conversation with her later though she was really quite nice.
    My thing was I had a bridesmaid dress that I was swimming in for a wedding that was just two weeks away. I call up in April right at the height of prom dress / wedding dress alteration season and ask if there's anyway I could have it done by then and she took my dress that day, had it back to me in just a hair over a week and did a really good job. The dress had been gigantic and the way the fabric fell she had to take a lot of it apart and piece it back together again. So it wasn't a cheap alteration. But it was complex and she got it done quick and well.
    So............ no clue if this would work for you at all but I figured I had a good experience so I'd share.
  • Alterations by Valerie - it's in St. Peters but she's a flat $50 and does amazing work!
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