I'm getting married in Lakeville CT in June and I'm trying to get a reasonable priced salon for hair and makeup. All my girls are paying for their own hair and makeup is optional, so I wanted the price to be good for them. Does anyone know good salons in the area? Also what should the average hair and makeup cost for this area?


  • Hi,

    I got married in Lakeville last Fall and we had Naomi's Salon drive in to our venue. I loved their work and for us it was totally worth it.

    However, I did find a little salon right in town on Route 44 that did a blow out the night before for my rehearsal which was lovely but they only had two chairs in the salon.

    On a total side note, my husband and I drove thru Lakeville today and stopped at the Black Rabbit for lunch and I notice a spa/salon brochure on the table next to the front door. This may sound crazy but maybe if you called the restaurant and tell them that you had a "friend" that saw this brochure, maybe they could tell you the name of the place.

    Its such a small town that there isn't much there so you may have to trip into Millerton, NY about 10 minutes or up into in Mass. for good quality styling!

    Good-luck & Happy Planning!
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