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Need help with wording!

I know there are some creative ladies on this board and I need your help!

I have been racking my brain on a way to word a sign for the escort cards. We are having a travel theme and are using luggage tags as escort cards/ favors. Alot of the guest have never been to an American wedding and I wanted a sign to let everyone know that the tags are take home favors. I already have a sign made that will go on the suitcase the tags will be in that says "Where in the World are you sitting?". I wanted a sign in front of the suitcase to say something like " These tags will take you to your seat but can also take you around the world", or something to that affect. 

What do y'all think? It just doesn't sound right and neither my mom nor I like it. We really can't think of anything else and I've even googled with no help at all!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Re: Need help with wording!

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