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mother/daughter & mother/son dance

I need help finding a song for this dance.  My mother has over come a battle this year and i would like to honor her by having my parent dance with her. I do not want seperate dances for each parent, I am always bored watching dance after dance at other peoples weddings.  Suggestions for songs?  My mother inlaw is super sappy, where as i am not.

Re: mother/daughter & mother/son dance

  • my MIL picked "I hope you dance" for her and my husband to dance to. 

    What kind of music does your mom like?  What kind of music does MIL like?  I'm confused when you say you want your parent to dance with her though?  Who is dancing with her? You? and is your MIL ok sharing the spotlight?

    I would maybe just pick a different song to dedicate to your mom and maybe invite all the moms and daughters to the floor at the same time to get your guests involved.  That way MIL and your husband can still have their dance for them.


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