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Ceremony Sites in Rochester


My fiancee and I just got engaged last month and are trying to decide on a venue for the ceremony in the Rochester area for next summer between June and August (no specific date set yet).  I like a more traditional setting (love anything that has stained glass windows) with a non-traditional ceremony.  He prefers anything that is entirely non-traditional.  Neither of us is religious.

We looked at Chapel Hill, which I am in love with.  I have also priced out the Colgate Divinity Chapel, Casa Larga, the U of R Interfaith Chapel (I'm not at all fan of the appearance), and am currently waiting to hear back from Artisanworks regarding their pricing.

So far it seems as though they all cost about the same - around $1,000 - for the ceremony.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for ceremony venues that may not be as pricey?  We would have about 150 guests and also do not want it in a hotel.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Ceremony Sites in Rochester

  • Sorry, I'm about a month late, but how about Harro East Ballroom? Not sure what their pricing for the ceremonies are but their reception pricing is pretty good.
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  • You can try the Memorial Art Gallery, but I think they may be a bit pricey as well.
  • Depending on your party size- Artisan may put you in their main room which means its also still open to the public and walking past the event as on-lookers.  We thought about this spot but didn't like the layout- nor the idea of lack of privacy with that option.  We went with Westminster Hall and Chapel in Mendon- you can rent the chapel and/or reception hall (attached).  It's a non-denomenational place (used for renting out).  It has stained glass windows! 

    We have roughly 70 guests- the reception hall could probably fit 100...but they currently have only 4 caterers to choose from right now.   Westminster is currently about $1500 for the chapel rental.  It is quaint- nothing terribly fancy but with the right decorator you can dazzle up the reception hall.
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