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March 2014 Weddings

BM dresses: long or short

Wedding is 3/1/14 and kind of in between winter/spring.   Thoughts on floor length or short dresses for my bridesmaids? 

Re: BM dresses: long or short

  • Long is more formal no matter the season. I would match the formality of your dress or venue or formality of the invitation. ( AM weddings are usually more casual. 5pm and 7pm ceremonies are more formal, most of the time.)
    Good luck.
  • Good point.  Ceremony is at 4pm, with evening reception.  I like the idea of more formal but without black tie optional.  Thanks!
  • I would go with long being the time of your wedding and it's not quite Spring yet.

  • My girls are wearing floor length.  Our ceremony is at 1pm and our reception (errr..cocktail hour) starts at 6pm.  I felt that in March weather can either be cold or comfortable, so long was going to have to work.  The girls LOVE their dresses and I couldn't be more thrilled.....So, I'd say long will keep them "comfortable" with no cold legs.....

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    Need 8 adults to make minimum.  Eek.
  • My girls chose short. So I'm hoping it's not too cold. I tried to warn them. LOL
  • We are going with long dresses. We have a 6 pm ceremony with a 7 pm reception start time. We are in Northern KY just south of OH so there is no telling what our weather will be like. I wanted long and my bridesmaids were all on board for this suggestion.
  • We're doing long.  March 15, 4pm ceremony.  (But our reception is about a block and a half away and we're hoping we can walk from ceremony to reception!)
  • My BMs are doing long. Mainly because they don't have good looking legs! Ha!
  • I only have 3 girls and I told them that I'm fine with either long or short as long as they agree. They chose short. But it's Ohio....we'll see if they made a wise choice
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