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Finding A Theme For Our Wedding?!?!? Aqua and Red!

Our colors are set on aqua and red! As soon as we saw them we just fell in love with them! Now we are the definition of that offbeat couple, complete opposite of traditional. We are best known to our friends as the crazy funny couple. But we have one problem, we don't know what theme to chose? My FI is into robots, I like more of the whole carnival idea, but I'm scared it will all come across as a birthday party more than a wedding. HAHAHA! Also our venue is in an art gallery, the ballroom is pretty modern but with really funky art :) ! I just don't know how to incorporate us in our wedding!? if that makes any sense. Please help me with ideas and themes!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

P.S. if it helps

I'm thinking about having a candy bar and along with a photo booth. Cotton Candy machine or Popcorn? (still not sure)

Re: Finding A Theme For Our Wedding?!?!? Aqua and Red!

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    I don't think you need a "theme" per say. I mean, if nothing is jumping out at you, there's no need to force it. Red and Aqua are very strong colors, and really, could be the theme all itself. For the carnival idea, you could have pennant banners hanging in the red and aqua maybe? If your venue allows of course. 
    The other thing to consider, if you're in an art gallery, will you even need any kind of decoration beyond cernterpieces and the occasional accent? I mean, the art itself is kinda the point of having it in an art gallery right?

    I'd also recommend, if you can't do all three, doing the cotton candy machine and (fresh) popcorn over the candy bar. Unless you are going balls to the wall candy, it's just not worth it/all that cool/becoming super common. 
    Of course, if you are all about candy, then do you, but if it's because you think it's not traditional, then nix it.

    Best of luck!

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