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Parents asking me to push it further..............

So I got a call from both my parents who are divorced, and they tell me that they want me to have the best wedding possible but want me to push the date back further. This is after I fell in love with my date and already got excited about everything, I can honestly say that conversation really hurt and still does. I know this is hard times for everybody, especially with the government being shut down. However I don't want to push my date back, I want to stick to my date, am I wrong for this? I would much rather just pay for something I can afford between me and my fiance and if they can chip in then so be it.....but I am stuck on this date which is September 14th, 2014. If I do push it back it would be 12/13/14, which is a couple months after, and that falls on my birthday :-) and also a monumental day, what are your thoughts on this? Thanks for the advice!

Re: Parents asking me to push it further..............

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    I'd just ask why they want you to do that....? It's over a year away; often that's plenty of time for people to save funds. You're not wrong for wanting to stick to your date, but there're a lot of unanswered questions here.  

    I did happen to read a recent Dear Abby column where a parent wrote in lamenting that their kid wanted to get married the same year as their 25th wedding anniversary. The parent was annoyed that they couldn't pay for both an anniversary party of their dreams and the wedding of the kid's dreams.  I hope your reason isn't anything like that.... ouch!  

  • Are your parents paying for the wedding? That would be the only reason I could imagine them wanting you to push it back so they have more time to save. Although if you're 100 percent set on wanting a September date, you could always plan a wedding you and your FI can afford.
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  • It really depends on their reasoning for asking you to delay your nuptials.

    If it has to do with funding coming from your parents: Unless you can afford it on your own it may be best to wait. If you are funding the event yourself then I would stay with September.

    December can be hard for people to attend due to the holidays. Any traditional time your guests may usually take off to be with their family may impact their attendance. People may be saving money for holiday gifts and trips that could put them in a bind when it comes to a wedding. I hope you get things sorted out!

  • Im not sure what difference it will make to push it just a couple of months.  If the reason they want you to push it is finances anyway.  I suppose a talk is in order and perhaps some compromise.
  • I guess to answer the question it would be a combination of all of us paying for the wedding, I decided to compromise, but I am still keeping my date, just eliminating some things. At the end of the day I just want to be married and to have a nice wedding. Thank you all!!

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