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ceremony music list/order & reception music list/order

what is the traditional list/order of music for a ceremony. i.e. when guest are being seated, bridesmaid walk, flower girl walks, and bride walks?
what is the list/order of music and dances for a reception? i.e. first dance, father daughter dance? 

i would ask my mother and mother in law but my mother didn't have music at her reception and a traditional Catholic ceremony. my mother in law just went to the jp and had a backyard reception. So neither of them know the true list, and i'm the first of friends and family to have an actual wedding and the whole nine yards.  

Re: ceremony music list/order & reception music list/order

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    We did:

    Prelude songs (while guests were seated)

    Song while grandparents/parents were seated

    Groomsmen/groom entrance song

    Bridesmaid/ringbearer entrance song (no flower girl, but if we did, she would have walked here)

    Bride processional

    Recession song (same song for bride/groom/wedding party/parents)

    Songs playing while guests exited

    Then the reception songs went:

    Wedding Party Entrance

    Song while we cut cake

    First dance

    Father/bride dance

    Mother/groom dance

    Anniversary dance

    The order of your reception songs will vary depending on when you decide to do your spotlight dances and cut your cake. We cut the cake before dinner, and did spotlight dances and the anniversary dance right after dinner.

    Edit: I don't know why the spacing is wonky.

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