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September 2013 Weddings

Advice for the September 2014 Brides

I know we have talked about getting this advice thread started on our Facebook group so let's get started while it is still all so fresh in our memories and memories yet to be made.  I remember the advice given to us from the September 2012 Knotties and it was all great advice! So let's continue with the tradition of passing down our knowledge and advice. 

Re: Advice for the September 2014 Brides

  • Stick to your timeline! Dont get behind!
    Realize that you cant do everything!
    Pick and hire a photographer early!
    If possible have your RSVPs due back 4 weeks before your wedding to give you enough time for the details.
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  • Do not over do the DIY~you are just going to get mad
    Pinterest is your friend and your enemy use it wisely
    You are the Bride
    Even if you stamp your RSVP's they probably won't come back in time so have your phone #'s ready
    Book quickly 
    Ask you FI's opinion even if he doesn't know the difference between capri and cornflower he will feel included
    Don't worry if it doesn't go according to plan. no one will notice but you

    Good luck!!!!!! Keep Calm and Marry On!!!!!!!
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  • 1)  Utilize the private board on Pinterest to pin yours inspirations so that the guests can be somewhat surprised. 

    2)  Number the backs of your RSVP cards lightly to correspond with your guest list spreadsheet.  You WILL have guests that forget to put their names on them. 

    3)  Get to know the lady from your September 2014 board.  These ladies will become real life friends (especially if/when you move your board to a private Facebook group).  I've met so many wonderful ladies and there are roadtrips already planned to meet up and have fun when all the wedding madness is over.  Treat the ladies on your board just as if you would treat one of your good friends.  Be respectful, but be honest too.  When it comes to wedding advice, some things just don't need sugarcoated. 

    4)  Make sure to not talk wedding all the time with your fiance, family and friends.  It will get old.  That's what the board is for.  My MOH recently told me I've the calmest bride she's ever came across.  I haven't felt calm, but that's probably because I did all my venting on here/Facebook with our bride group. 

    5)  Keep to your timeline and don't take on too many DIY tasks that you can't handle. 

    6)  If you hire a band, even if they're just a local band that plays bars--- for your own sanity, get a contract.  I learned this the hard way and had to look for a band less than 30 days out because ours cancelled on us. 

    .... to be continued once our wedding is over on 9/28/13. 
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  • Don't hire family/friends as a vendor!!!!
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  • The one piece of advice I am so glad that I took to heart was this:

    Try not to leave your new husband's side during the course of the evening (and vise versa). My H and I planned to stick together through the entire reception, and were able to experience the reception as one -- now when we look back on the wedding day, we have a lot of the same memories because we experienced it (mostly) together. Having my new husband by my side from the beginning felt like it solidified our bond right from the start.
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  • APDSS22APDSS22 O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A is OK member
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    1. Remember to eat (and if possible, have someone sneak you snacks like my awesome sister/MOH did).
    2. Use TK to vent because the people are way more understanding and expect to see weddingtalk 24/7 even if your month does move over to fb and you never figure out how to use that page...
    3. Don't freak out even if someone you know decides to get married literally the day after you.  There will still be plenty of people to join in your special day and as long as you have your FI, an officiant and a couple witnesses, you will still be married and that is the important part.

  • For planning:

    I was always told "oh, you have lots of time to do such and such..." but I did everything I could well in advance so I could at least enjoy the week before. The day sneaks up on you so you don't want to leave too many tasks for the last minute.  People were surprised how calm we were in the days leading up!

    We made sure to see our friends and keep up with our hobbies while planning.  While the wedding would come up in conversation, we made sure to not let it consume our entire lives.

    Post lots on these boards! I got so many great ideas from the September 2013 ladies, things I never even would have though of.  These ladies also know what you are going through and can be a great sounding board.

    For the day of:

    One of the best pieces of advice I received was to take a few minutes alone with your new husband, just to reflect on the day and enjoy each others company.  It really does go as quickly as everyone says! Also, the little 'things' really don't matter. I had relatives wearing jeans, people showing up late (one couple from DH's office snuck into the ceremony between me and the flower girl!), but I wouldn't change anything about the day for the world.  Relax, make sure to eat that day and savor all the little moments! You're getting married!

  • I can't believe my wedding has already come and gone and now I am the one writing advice when I feel like I was just reading it!

    My advice is;

    -To do everything as early as you can! I got made fun of by some of my friends for being so on top of it, yet when the week of the wedding came I still felt like I had a lot to do and was SO HAPPY for the things I already had done!

    -If future Hubby doesn't really care about the planning still run things by him. I told Chris all the details and most of the time I got "ok". I made sure to plan a wedding we would both love (did our fav colors), but there was a few times he wanted to discuss something further and I am happy I gave him the chance to tell me his opinion. Because it is OUR day!

    -Once you are at the rehearsal STOP STRESSING! What is done is done. I had a few small things I needed to finalize that night (which I did while laying in bed with my MOH/sister before falling asleep). The morning of I was able to enjoy and have fun with all my fav ladies. My flowers got delivered to the wrong place and then once we finally got them I HATED them! I didn't tell anyone though because deep down... I really didn't care at all! No one really knew this was not what I envisioned... so who cares!

    -Have a non verbal signal with your BMs or family. To keep reminding you to stay in the moment. (everytime I made eye contact with my mom she took a deep sigh and smiled at me) Take in the vision of your day with EVERYONE there to CELEBRATE YOU AND HUBBY! It's so easy to let the whirlwind take you away.

    -Table visits (if no receiving line), this was the only time I saw 50-60% of my guests :( which stinks but at least I got to see them! We went between courses, when our food got delivered it was so hot each time we would get through a few tables. By the time dinner was done so were we!

    -Video!!! Videographer was something not in our budget at first. Then after seeing another video I realized that maybe it was something I did want. I found an amazing videographer unintentionally who was a STEAL and I got the most amazing video that I can't stop watching! I can't wait for our children and even grand children to watch this some day! Check it out! http://vimeo.com/77356522


  • who was your videographer ?! I am desperately trying to find one!!!! 
  • @hailey1110 - An acquaintance from high school! He doesn't do this professionally, just for fun... can't believe I came across him! We are in Central MA... where are you from?

  • Oh, one more -- if you can, get a wedding buddy! Your fiance will quickly get sick of wedding talk, and you will need someone to just vent to/randomly bounce ideas off of. I found mine right here on TK, and we still talk daily! 
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  • I wasn't going to have the wedding video taped and a couple of weeks before the wedding I changed my mind.  YES, absolutely get it videotaped.  You will be so busy in the moment of the wedding that you will be so grateful you had it done.  It was worth every penny.

    I did hire a wedding coordinator to have on-site for the wedding day that helped to have everything run smoothly.  

    My biggest mistake:  On my wedding day, trying to figure out how everyone was going to get to the wedding, carpooling etc.  Big Mistake.  Stressed me out big time.  No one was ready by the time I needed to leave. Have it planned out in advance and be responsible for getting only yourself to the wedding venue. 
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