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I am getting married at Camden Yards in March 2014. This is a 2nd wedding for both my fiancee and I so we are paying for it ourselves and trying to stay within a budget.  I am not from the Baltimore area so I have no idea about vendors.  Any (reasonably priced) photographers, bakeries, florist, and dj's that you can recommend would be appreciated!

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  • Check out...

    Courtney Anton Photography

    Flowers by Liz [email protected]
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    Our photographer is Maria Linz and so far we LOVE her!!!  She has another photographer working with her, Helen, who's more traditional and about $500 less.  Also, our DJ is Lasting Impressions and they actually have a DJ/limo business and if you book them as a DJ you get a 10 person limo INCLUDED!  
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  • Bradley Images will give you one photographer for 11 hours, prints, and an engagement session for $2,500. I shopped like crazy for photographers and he was by far the best deal AND the best recommended. I work in Pikesville and he is used a LOT there for Jewish weddings, all of them gorgeous. 

    Absolute Entertainment puts on a great show; the DJ I'll be using, Jacob, did two of my neighbors weddings and people are still raving about him a year later. If you're getting married in a less popular month (like I'm getting married in August), Absolute Entertainment also has special deals. I have no idea how popular March might be.

    Florist: I'm deciding between Shelly's Blossom Shop and Flowers by Audrey. Shelly is a phenomenal florist who cares about all of her clients and will definitely work with you. She is reasonably priced. Flowers by Audrey works out of home, so that saves her a LOT of money, and thus saves you a LOT of money. I'm seeing her today to look at her arrangements.

    ALSO. A warning about Camden Yards. Make sure your gift box is very well designed or guarded; because the way the rooms are set up, the gifts may be in a place away from everyone else. My cousin and his wife were robbed at their wedding.

    My fiance is currently building a box with a padlock (that we will discreetly hide) for envelopes. Weddings are lovely and bring out the best in people, but also the worst in other people. (Sorry to end on a down note.)

    I WILL say that the Camden Yards wedding was a blast! 
  • Interesting about the cards. I am inviting someone to a wedding that makes me nervous could possibly do something like that. How will you discretely make a pad lock?

  • We're having the table up against the wall with the padlock painted and facing the wall, so unless someone is super nosy (which, in their case, serves them right; HA, we preemptively got you!), no one will notice. The box is a wooden box that he is painting in our colors.
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