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um...seriously?!... who gives a regifted wedding present

My future hubby and I just recieved a wedding gift from a friend of his family.  When we opened it up we were stunned and a little insulted.  It was clearly regifted from the husband's workplace. The box was beat up and the tag on the outside of the box says 2010. What is worse is that I have a friend who works at the same place as the husband of the couple who gave us the gift, and my friend confirmed it was given as a holiday gift a few years back from the management team.  I'm trying to be grateful for the present, but really have no idea what to do with a large crystal shark-fin looking sculpture.  It feels sort of like a slap in the face.  Are we right to feel as insulted? 

Re: um...seriously?!... who gives a regifted wedding present

  • The fact that they couldn't even bother to put it in a different box and get rid of the 2010 tag bugs the crap out of me. I know no one is required to give a gift and we should all be grateful for what we get from guests, but that just screams "Hooray!  An opportunity to get rid of something we hate by dumping it on someone else." Very tacky.   I'm pretty sure I'd be mad too.
  • I actually feel a little childish complaining about a "gift".  I was raised to be grateful for anything that I recieved, but it still really irks me.  Neither my fiancee and I wanted to invite this couple, but his parents insisted.  I probably woudn't have even posted, except that the wife was bragging about her new home in the Hamptons.

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