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December 2010 Weddings

Videographer Contract

I reviewed a prospective contract last niht nd found something I didn't like so I am not confirming this contract.

There is a stipulation that in the even that there is a legal dispute, I have to agree to settle it in Orange County. If you haven't seen enough about OC on TV, it is in SoCal. I am in NorCal and so is my wedding and the videographer is based about 10 minutes away from where I live, all in Alameda County. Doesn't make any sense for me to make this agreement. IDK if this videographer has a parent company based in SoCal or if this is intended to discourage me from suing as it would cost me half of what I am being charged just to go down there to have my case heard.

I would like a feel for what you ladies think and what your contracts say.

I emailed him that we have a deal if he takes that out but IDK if that is a red flag and I should keep looking, regardless if he is willing to remove that stipulation. If the intent is to discourage me from exercising my legal recourse then I think that is a dirty trick and won't be able to trust him.
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Re: Videographer Contract

  • Was he based in OC in the past and just didn't update his contract? I would just talk to him about it. That is kind of strange though. 

    Way to go for actually reading your contract though. 
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  • Good thought AKG....it didn't even cross my mind that he may have relocated. I guess another possibility is that he may have used another business' contract and forgot to customize that part. There are non-nefarious reasons for this stipulation.

    And thanks for the kuddos.....I do some real estate business so I HAVE to read the entire contracts. I guess this was a good habit to get into :)
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  • wow - good pick-up!  find out why it's in there and listen to what they say.  I think it's probably innocent, but you'll have to wait and see.  
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  • I'm glad you read the contract and found it, but hopefully there wont be any legal problems!!!! Keep your eyes out!
  • All is well....This was a template and he hadn't caught the OC thing. It's being removed as we speak :)

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