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If we don't start chatting

This board really will become a wedding woes related board.  Whatever shall we all do then?

I don't have too much to share.  I'm working my butt off at work lately and I'm working my butt off at home lately, getting ready for our big convention this weekend.  I feel like my work is starting to pay off with more group membership involvement and I love seeing it.  Our art group made this amazing photo collage of all our our activity pictures from the last few months and I really did start to tear up.  :D  Next up: crying while mowing the lawn.

Re: If we don't start chatting

  • Oh TF, how I miss thee, wait...I wasn't really here when she was.  Nevermind.

    I'm biding my time until vacation, and trying to just lay low.  It's super awesome because the day I get back, the largest job we've bid since last January is going out.  So that should be tres fun.

    Nothing else to report, my life is blissfully easy.
  • an over loaded plate both at wok and personally is keeping me quiet.

    Though I did manage to get DD an additional at-home therapy session when we met with the dept of health today for the annual EI meeting.
  • I'm crazy busy at work. A person left the company about a month ago, and they gave me about 95% of her work... on top of my regular job. 

    Met with boss earlier today for partial performance review (colleague feedback only, goals is another session) and it was excellent. Boss told me that leadership was impressed with the way that I've been managing the double workload and coaching my peers and internal clients - I'm just hoping it's reflected in the yearly raise in March. I'm waiting to hear on the internal job interview - should hopefully receive an offer in the next week or two. (I said 'hopefully" - I'm trying to be positive here.)

    We're going to a fun restaurant tonight with lots of wild game choices - FIL is excited, MIL is scared. I'm sure Wolverine will get a kick out of it, especially if I can equate what she is eating to a cartoon. (After all, she loves my "spaghetti and Pumbaa" (wild boar meat sauce)) DK and I only went once before, and we had camel (burger), yak (burger), and python (chili). It was awesome. 
  • I love hearing about your food adventures Barbie.  I'm not quite that brave, but I find your reviews fun and interesting. 

    Sorry stuff is not so great Dixie.  

    Work is starting to ramp up here.  End of 4th quarter into 1st quarter gets busy and they're doing a website redesign launch the weekend after Thanksgiving.  So that's going to be craziness.  

    Nothing to report on the homefront except for normal midwest domesticity.  Tres boring.  The way I like it. 
  • Yeah, I was up until 2am doing deadline work....also having a discussion as far as career track within the company...and figuring out options outside of it, what I need to do, get trained on, etc.

    Thinking sucks :(
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  • I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear about my vagina or how I spend several hours a day alternating between rage and crying.
  • PMeg819 said:
    I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear about my vagina or how I spend several hours a day alternating between rage and crying.
    Almost time, Pmeg. You're allowed to cry and rage when you're 38 weeks pregnant.
  • You know...The only vaginas I don't mind hearing about are the pregnant ones.  ;) 
  • I'm about to lay down the smack on a worker from the job I'm no longer covering for.  He's dinking around w/ the timesheet, which can lead to fraud charges.  Unfortunately for him, I know where I filed the 'this is what I agree to do' paperwork I made him sign.  I'm off to go find thsoe files for the new guy.
  • My Grammy passed away early this morning. We are sad of course, but I think all grateful she isn't in anymore pain.
    We are waiting to hear from the mortuary, hospice is handling contacting them.
    I am just ready for this year to be over.
    I love my in-laws so much though, mil already called this morning and they are going to try and make it down for her service.
  • I'm sorry for your loss Jojo.  That's lovely of your IL's to try and come for the service. T+P's for you and your family. 
  • I'm so sorry, Jojo. I hope you and your family have nothing but peace with her passing.
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    Work has been nightmarish, but we have a new nurse starting on Monday. It'll be 4-6 months before she'll be independent in the clinic, but at least we'll have another pair of hands and a brain to help. I also haven't taken a lunch in six months, so I'm hoping that will be something that I'll have again soon.


    ETA: Sorry for your loss, Jojo! I'm glad she's no longer in pain.

  • I'm sorry for your loss, Jojo.  
  • I'm so sorry jojo. :(
  • I'm sorry jojo. 

    I have a bunch of piddly stuff keeping me busy.  We have a big Mom event Thursday night so I'm making a centerpiece and favors and hoping mine doesn't suck. 

  • I'm so sorry Jojo :(
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  • sorry for your loss, Jojo. 
  • Thanks everyone, sorry to be a bit of a downer this morning. Please  accept this as something to lighten the mood:

  • Jojo, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. 
  • So sorry jojo!  I love the picture you posted of her on FB.  You can tell how awesome she is from that picture alone.  ((hugs))

    Also sending some virtual hugs to Dixie. ((hugs))

  • I'm sorry Jo jo.

    This week is off to a roaring start for WW

  • I am also sorry for your loss, JoJo.

    My 'what's new?' news is that I finally have health insurance, for the first time since June 2012 (thank you, new job and probationary period ending!). 

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • Yay @ health insurance.  I hate it so much, b/c I feel like I almost never use it and I'm terrified to go w/out it.
  • I'm the same way Varuna.  I love that H has great insurance (that he pays some for), but I hate the fear of losing it.

  • Every year I say "If we have FSA left over I'll use it for contacts."  Every year the FSA is gone by March.  Darn kids. 

    The one thing I love about our new insurance is no copays for primary docs (including pedi) and one annual ob visit.  The thing I hate is navigating the in county out of county doctor/lab that is specific to our insurance.

  • S/O contacts.  I was all fuzzy eyed and googly faced since Sunday.  I just thought it was allergies..nope---contacts were in the wrong eyes.  *sigh*  Not the first time.
  • 6fsn said:

    Every year I say "If we have FSA left over I'll use it for contacts."  Every year the FSA is gone by March. Darn kids. 

    Ha.  We still have some of our FSA left, but I looked up the EOB from DefConn's tubes (haven't gotten the bill yet) and that takes care of that!

  • Come to think of it, I think I've gone to the doctor maybe twice for myself this year. 

    DefConn has gone the most, followed by DH, and then the kiddo. 

    And women are supposed to 'cost' the most (or at least more than men) for healthcare...HA!  Proving them wrong.  ;) 
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