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Alluring Bridal - Nanuet

Just wondering if anyone has used Alluring Bridal in Nanuet and if you did, if it was a positive experience.

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Re: Alluring Bridal - Nanuet

  • I have not in Nanuet but I have worked with Mestads in MN. They have been great.

  • I just went and had a horrible experience!  I almost walked out as soon as I walked in.  I was basically told I didn't belong there because of my budget, I'd be better off at David's Bridal.  I thought I had a reasonable budget, especially since at another salon I tried on about a dozen dresses.  She acted like it was a chore to find anything in my budget and not a single dress she pulled was what I wanted, her response to what I wanted was that it would make my hips look big.  I was almost in tears.  I knew the style I wanted looked good on me because I had tried on several dresses in the style.  I would not recommend them, unless you call first & tell them your budget or you don't mind being insulted or not listened to.
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