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inexpensive ceremony officiant

I'm looking for a ceremony officiant, but all I can find are ones that cost around $600!  That's so expenisve!  I know there must be something cheaper out there.  Please help!!

We're having a backyard wedding at my fiance's father's house.  The ceremony will be outside.  Any ideas for finding an inexpensive officiant?

Re: inexpensive ceremony officiant

  • Look for someone who lives very close to the location of your wedding. Travel time is a big factor in the price any wedding officiant offers. $600 sounds very middle of the road to me, as an officiant who typically spends 10 hours preparing and deliving any wedding. If you can find an officiant with little travel time, that is one way to help them cut expenses.
  • I have had difficulty finding an officiant as well.  I have found that many of the ones that are advertised on the Knot and other wedding websites are really like any other vendor, trying to get money.  Personally, I do not want to be nickled and dimed by my Pastor.  I expect that from photographers, florists, etc, not from a Pastor.  I have spent a lot of time looking around and my fiance and I finally chose a Pastor of a church I went to as a child.  I no longer go to church, but he was thrilled I thought of him.  Generally for officiants who come from a church, you "pay" them a donation to the church.  Our Pastor is coming to our venue (without charging us traveling costs) and we are meeting with him three times before the wedding.  I just felt like going through a smaller-named officiant, you get a more personal experience.  Ask around, maybe a friend or family member knows one that would fit your needs!

    Best of luck! :)
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  • You can email the go owner, mayor of your town, state representative any elected public official can do it and they do not accept payment just a minimal donation to a charity of their choice, which is tax deductible.
  • I have seen both Mark from "Pun Nuptials" and Alice from "A wedding of Joy".  Both do a great job
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