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Wedding Shower Gift Ideas for Future Husband

My fiance will be coming at the end of the shower to say Thank You to the guests and help bring out the gifts - I thought it would be a cute idea to get him a little gift - it could be fun or it could be sentimental - not sure which way to go just looking to see if anyone has done this and has any unique ideas.

Re: Wedding Shower Gift Ideas for Future Husband

  • My fiance would have been a little embarrassed to open a gift in front of all of the women, but that's just my experience. If it's something he'd enjoy doing, what about a hand towel that says "His" so that it's obviously for him? My fiance was just happy that we saved him a cupcake :)
  • I've thought about doing this too. The only thing I can think of is saying something cheesy about how he has given me a beautiful engagement ring and talk about what it symbolizes and get him a custom neon beer sign for his man cave/bar.
  •  I agree with PPs - my husband wouldn't like getting a gift to open in front of all our female relatives...just let him eat leftover cake and haul the gifts out to the car. Besides...Aren't the gifts you  just received for him too?
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