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Christian Louboutin for bridal shoes - is it worth the splurge?

Hi all!

So, I've finally found my dress, and I got it for way cheaper than I had in my budget. I have now started the search for my shoes!! I've always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (I'm a sucker for that red sole!), and I'm just contemplating if it would be worth the splurge. What are your alls thoughts on this?!

Re: Christian Louboutin for bridal shoes - is it worth the splurge?

  • I feel like except for obvious bridal stuff like tiaras and veils, you get more use out of the accessories you select--you can totally wear gorgeous shoes again, you know? So I'd say if you have the budget and other things are fully taken care of, splurging on accessories probably makes a little more sense than splurging on the dress.
  • I'm also such a sucker for the red sole! My wedding isn't for another year, but I'm already planning on splurging for nice wedding shoes (Jimmy Choo's, Louboutin's, or Manolos). I always thought I'd go with Loubutin's, but I've started leaning more towards Choo's. Apparently the red sole comes off pretty easily the leather is thin, and they can be really uncomfortable if you don't have the exact right size (they run small!). I've also fallen in love with these Choo's: so I'm starting to sway that way.

    Just forewarning. But I say if you try the Louboutin's on and love them, I say go for it!
  • No, I don't think it would be worth it.
  • I'm of the opinion that buying high-end shoes for your wedding day is really silly unless you already own and wear high-end designer shoes. No one will see them and the pictures of "the shoes" to show off the designer just seems so vain to me. 

    Think about how many other things this money could go toward that people will actually see and care about.
  • If you're a shoe person, I totally get it :) I love shoes, too, and have always wanted a pair. However, I agree with other posters that if they are shoes you can only see yourself wearing on your wedding day it's probably not worth it. And either way not worth busting budget for. But if you could fit it into your attire budget, and wear them again elsewhere, it seems like a great excuse to finally buy some Louboutins. I personally think photos of shoes are cute, and not really that different than getting a shot focused on the hair style or a specific detail on the dress. Shoes are part of the ensemble. I also agree with comfort being important, taking them off to dance would be disappointing.
  • Once I find my dress I am going to look into them too. My MOH wants to buy me a pair as my wedding gift. We will go look at them but I do think Jimmy Choo's might have more bridal styles that I could wear again. 

  • If you have never worn Louboutins before they are not the most comfortable shoe to wear. After a few hours even in your right size your feet will be sore. Mind you the red sole is also quite slippery on carpet and marble so it might not be the best dancing shoe. 
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    If you are going to spend big bucks on a pair of shoes, make sure they are something you will wear again. I also figured wedding was good opportunity to splurge on designer shoes. I figure if I can spend hundreds of dollars on a dress I'll wear once, why not spend hundreds on shoes I'll wear again after the wedding. But I also wanted something comfortable. You won't be happy if your feet are killing you all day and you end up with blisters from your wedding. Especially since you know this is one day you'll be on your feet a lot and dancing. And you are less likely to wear them enough to justify the cost if they kill your feet. Before buying my shoes I did a lot of research on most comfortable designer shoes. Louboutins came up on every list as the LEAST comfortable shoes you could buy... So beware. But, Jimmy Choo's topped every list I saw and they also have some great styles. Cole Haan also was high on the comfort list. I ended up buying some cute 4" blue snakeskin pumps that look great with my wedding gown and look awesome to dress up a pair of blue jeans. I've worn them a couple times already and can go all day without my feet hurting. Even better I found them at a Saks outlet for over 1/2 off retail price!

    So I definitely think it's a great time to splurge, but get something you'll wear again and definitely consider comfort as a high priority. Even if the shoes are gorgeous, you will regret it if you aren't comfortable... Especially since nobody will see the shoes anyway. You can also find some great deals on slightly used or new designer shoes online or at outlet stores.


  • Only if you plan to wear them again and again for years to come. If you have a long dress, no one will see your shoes.
  • Seen a lot of expensive 'just worn on my wedding day' designer shoes up for resale. Most brides sell their shoes after the wedding to make up for expenses. I have also heard of disappointment since 'no one really saw my shoes anyway.' I think if you have the extra dough you should splurge on something at the reception or put it in the piggy bank.
  • I agree with the others. As a shoe person, I totally splurged on my shoes. I bought a similar pair of Jimmy Choos. I love them and they are sooo comfy. I wear them around my house almost daily so they are properly broken in before the  big day. Then, after the wedding, I can wear them whenever I want. :) I did try on a bunch of CLs and they were horribly uncomfortable even just walking around the store. The sales lady actually looked at me like I was nuts when I said the JCs were more comfy. She flat out said "women do not buy CLs for comfort." Her attitude was priceless and I couldn't help but laugh. So, if you do get them without trying them on, buy them from a department store with a good return policy.

    As for whether splurging is worth it. Think realistically about your budget and whether it'll break the bank. We are talking $500 shoes, not chump change. Could that money be spent better elsewhere? Can you afford everything else you find more important if you get them? Will you wear them again or be upset if you don't?

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