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Help me !! I need to start planning my wedding by good price.

Hi I got engaged 10/14/13 and we are thinking to get married next year at 12/20/2014 I live in Fontana, Ca. and my fiance lives in Moreno Valley, Ca. , so we wanna do the wedding in Inland Empire, then both of our families can enjoy it. I am from Mexico and my  fiance is from Filipines, I think is gonna be a little hard for the planning. Well I would like a place that allow me finish the wedding at 1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M the latest. Is because my family likes party a lot, They love dance and all that things, and also I :) and I want music like mexican band o something versatil and DJ also so everything is equal with My Love and I and ours families can have fun. I don't want something very expensive but in the same time cute, I dont have to much money but I can have help with my family and friends we called (padrinos).  But my fiance doesn't want to spend to much money in the wedding because he prefer spend in our house instead.

Please help me I really dont know how to start.


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