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concerns over picking my moh...HELP!

so my best friend and i have known each other for like 20 years!  i was her MOH.  however over the years, we are still really close but dont have the same visions or similarities anymore.  i also have 2 sisters.  one of which i have been MOH for and the other of which i am not super close with but often i think feels left out of things.  i know my sister who i was MOH for would not care if i picked her or someone else and neither would my older kind of answering my own question here, but my mom said i should think about asking my other sister.  i guess i just am confused now.  my bf and i dont have many things in common anymore but i dont want to hurt her.  should i just have her be my MOH anyway considering i'm sure my sisters will be heavily involved anyway or do like my mom suggested??  just looking for opinions i guess. thanks!

Re: concerns over picking my moh...HELP!

  • lol very true! thank you! i will keep this in mind if i 'must' pick one!  =)
  • Ignore your mother's opinion (I mean this in the nicest way possible!), only you have a say in your BM's and MOH('s). Like @alisonmare658 said, you could have all of them MOH or do what @AddieL73 suggested and not choose.  I have a MOH but my FI did not want to choose among his brothers and friends and therefore will not have a BM. If anyone gives you a hard time just smile and say something like "I can't put any relationship above the others" and move on.

    Happy Planning! 
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