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My Trivia Night

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Was successful.  We had a really good time and are planning on at least next Tuesday. We can't be too super regular b/c some of the players are teachers, but I think we'll do it as often as we can.

Funny stories:

For music trivia, I could not remember any album title.  I could remember their covers (yay for putting away hundreds of CDs at music job), but not titles.  I was mostly ashamed at not being able to remember Appetite for Destruction from Guns N Roses and Evil Empire from Rage Against the Machine.

The first 2 team sports introduced to the Olympics in the 1900 Paris Olympics was soccer (we got this) and WATER POLO (we didn't get this although someone on our team actually guessed it).  

The speed round was a list of famous books from probably the past century, fill in the author.  Our team of overly educated bibliophies (4 people, 9 degrees) knew every single correct author and filled out in less than one minute.  Nerds unite!

Re: My Trivia Night

  • Oh and we came in 2nd, 200 points off from 1st...but there were only 3 teams.  The trivia masters said that they usually had 2 other teams, but they weren't there b/c of holidays.

    Also only one person in our team knows anything about sports.  Thank goodness he knows A LOT about sports.
  • Yay for useless knowledge :)

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