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Workout ideas?

I don't know which one to choose zumba or DVD barre workout. Any recommendations?

Re: Workout ideas?

  • hi meowcat84! i took 2 semesters of barre class at our local Comm Coll and LOVED it! i felt stronger and more toned in the first week! i started supplementing the 1x/wk class with a youtube workout called 'black swan ballerina burn' and in 35 days i was able to wear my 'skinny jeans' to a concert comfortably. the girl who does the BSBB youtube workout has NO ballet background which is ok b\c her workout KICKS YOUR BUTT anyway but if you have a background in dance you can easily modify her moves to what ballet moves they actually are. Point is 3 months later the class is over and i only have time for the youtube workout sporadically so i combine some of the moves from both classes and do a 15 min am and pm that seems to be helping maintain, stay strong and be in shape for the ski season. another plus is the barre stuff is pretty low impact so if you exercise early in the am you won't wake anyone up. if you want any more info i am happy to help and GOOD LUCK you CAN do it!!! =) B0515
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