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Weight plateau!

I am ridiculously stressed out about final exams.  I just ate a bowl of Ramen noodles, AND skipped my workout today.  And of course, I'm here on TK instead of... you know... actually studying.

Got on the scale and I have gained back about one pound that was lost.  I recently dropped from an 8 to 6 and I'm getting paranoid my new skinny jeans aren't going to fit when finals and the holidays are over.  Ugh.

Anybody have success with keeping weight off/ continuing to lose over the holidays or other stressful times?  Right now I just feel so anxious, it's like I can't even bring myself to cook or work out, because I feel like it's taking time away from studying.

And now I'm going to study for a solid two hours without checking for responses.  Somebody yell at me if I come back too quickly!
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Re: Weight plateau!

  • @JCBride2014

    I eat pretzels or whole wheat saltine crackers when stressed. They're more filling than snacking on other stuff. Don't worry about 1 pound. Your jeans will still fit. Just do a little extra on your work out tomorrow or cut out 1 snack (whatever your routine is). Basically, if you slip up 1 day, don't sweat it. You can always make up for it the next day.
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