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XP: Last day for testing?

A while ago (maybe 1 or 2 months) I called the reception venue about setting up a time to taste the food. They said they would call me back when they have another party that orders the same / similar menu so we can come in then (they would just add a little extra for us to try) since they don't keep the "special events" menu items in stock and they order them as they need it. When do you think I should start to worry about not getting in for a taste testing? I know I still have about 7 months or so until the wedding (July) but I don't know when the latest day should be for the testing or when I should begin to get worried / contact them again if I haven't heard from them yet??

Re: XP: Last day for testing?

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    @hlvonb - We selected our food options about 2 months before the wedding.  We had tasted the food at a bridal show right after we booked though (about 8 months before the wedding).  I'd probably call them in a couple months to see if anyone else booked.  If nothing else, it will serve as a friendly reminder that you're still waiting for a tasting.  You would also be able to ask more about timing and menu selection.
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