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Is my dress long enough?

Hello -

I am 5'9" and ordered my dress from David's Bridal about a month ago. It was supposed to come in extra length but they accidentally ordered a regular one. They are going to re-order the extra length and exchange the dresses, but now I am worried that the regular length one may be long enough already. I will probably wear a very small, 1-1 1/2" heel for the wedding. I am pictured here without any shoes on. What do you think???


Re: Is my dress long enough?

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    If your planning on heels of any height, I'd get the longer dress.

    Flats woul be fine in the regular length though.

  • You could do a kitten heel with that dress, though, it would show more. I am having my dress shortened a little more than normal, but that's because I want to show off my shoes. :)
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  • I agree that if you are wearing any sort of heel, you should go with the longer length.  Otherwise, if you want to wear flats, the one you have on would work.
  • First of all, your dress looks beautiful on you!

    Remember, you can always hem, but creating length isn't an easy feat. I'd go with the extra length, just in case, especially since you don't already know exactly what shoes your wearing. 
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    You look If you're in flats, it's fine (remember that wedding dress models don't move or dance, so their dresses are always on the too-long side). If you want heels, even small ones, it will probably end up being too short.

    Hems are easy and cheap though, so I wouldn't worry overmuch.

    ETA: You look beautiful!

  • Is hemming a lace dress cheap?   I personally think the one you have on would be long enough.  May I ask why you didnt try it on with shoes for this picture?  Then we could really give an honest opinion without having to guess.
  • Ok so heres the thing, looking at your dress now it seems like it sits on the floor just right. Once you put on that small heel the dress is going to lift off the ground or lightly skim it. you should get the longer dress however depeneding how much longer it is youll probably have to get the bottom hemmed. If you cant afford a hemming keep the one you have and go with a smaller shoe.
  • Thank you for your input! I think I may go ahead and just go with the longer one to be safe. I definitely should have tried the dress on with a small heel but I was just so excited to get the dress at the time.
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