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NYE games

I need some ideas for some G or PG13 rated games to play on NYE.  We NEVER do anything on NYE and this year I am having friends over and am super excited.  DH is kind of a hermit guy and is completely content to not be very social.  I have had my fill of that crap and we are having a party dammit.

Sooo, I need some game suggestions.  Cards against Humanity isn't even a possibility here, just sayin.  I have 3 couples from mid-40's to mid 50's, and maybe 6 or so young adults ages 18-20.  Help?

Re: NYE games

  • At FI's family gatherings, we end up playing a lot of games after dinner. Some of the faves are 'Fact or Crap' (a boxed card game with 'facts' on the cards, and you all have to vote whether it's a real fact or just crap), and an iPhone game called 'Heads Up' that's a lot like that old Headbands game -- so funny!

  • Apples to Apples is a clean version of Cards Against Humanity. We also love The Game of Things. Mad Gab is also a good one for large groups. 
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    Apples to apples
    Settlers of Catan
    Ticket to Ride

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    Munchkin. My family just played Hobbit Scrabble and they said that was a lot of fun.
  • Can you play Apples to Apples with a lot of people?
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    kmmssg said:
    Can you play Apples to Apples with a lot of people?
    Yeah, it's actually perfect for a huge group. In college we played it with groups as big as 15-20 people sometimes.

  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    I second Apples to Apples for a large group-- it's better the more people who play!

    You can also do Bananagrams, it's sort of like Scrabble but you grab each other's tiles to spell words.  That's probably best with four people.

    What about ongoing games throughout the whole party, sort of like played at showers?  For ex., the clothespin game.  Instead of taking someone's clothespin when they cross their legs, maybe kids could steal the clothespins whenever someone says "resolution" or "2014" or something NYE related.  He or she who has collected the most clothespins at midnight wins something.
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  • I would suggest Apples to Apples too. It is a lot of fun.

  • Apples to Apples.
    My family has an annual Scum game on NYE. Look it up online for the rules. It's played with regular playing cards. It's also called Presidents I think.

    There's also one we like to call verbal charades. Everyone gets slips of paper--usually like 10 and writes names on them. Usually famous people and characters. They all go in a bowl. Then you divide into teams. Whoever has turn get like 2 minutes (use a game/kitchen timer) to pull papers out one at a time and try to get their team to guess. Once all the slips are gone--the team with the most wins.

    Look up Telestrations the game on Amazon. I've played it with just regular paper and pencils. It's really funny.

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  • I agree with Apples to Apples.
    Also Outburst, Cranium (I know this hasn't been all that popular in the past 10 years or so, but still a classic), Mad Gab as someone else said, and ImaginIff. Imaginiff is one of my favorite party games, as it draws on people who are in the group, and can get really funny and goofy. You'll land on someone's name and it will say "ImaginIff (player who you land on) was a type of transportation vehicle. Which vehicle would they be? 1) A red convertable 2) A Prius 3) A dump truck 4) A 1960's stoner bus 5) A Chevy Truck or 6) A broken down car. It can get funny.

    Also, In A Pickle. Almost forgot that one. It's a fun and lighthearted game.
  • You probably don't have time for something like this but I went to a Da Vinci Code themed party once and there were historically themed clues through out the house and whoever solved all the clues first and got to the end won the prize for the night (it was a bottle of wine).
  • Taboo is a ton of fun and Apples to Apples.  The Great Dalmuti is a really fun and simple card game.  Although, I think you can only play up to 8 or 9 people.  BS is a fun card game and you can put a couple or five decks of cards together to play with a lot of people.  Spoons is SO much fun.  Again, you could put a couple decks together for a lot of people.

  • Thanks for all the help, everyone!
  • What about 'the resistance'? It's a game of talking basically, where people are given a role and then vote on groups of people, with the aim of rooting out the group of people who were secretly given the spy roles. It's very good fun!
    Also, 'two rooms and a boom'. The roles for that game are available online and can be printed out to be played for free.
  • One up, one down is pretty fun.  There are a ton of similar "concealed rule" games that are pretty fun.

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