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do you wear your ring at home?


Re: do you wear your ring at home?

  • I wear mine all the time. The only time I have it off is to clean it.
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  • I pretty much do the same as most - take it off to shower, do dishes, cook (if it's really messy) or some sort of project like painting etc.  I have a ring holder in my kitchen, next to my bed and in my guest room because I'm super paranoid about misplacing it.  I have all different kinds 

  • I wear mine all the time. Unless I am cooking, cleaning and showering. Sometimes I don't put it back on immediately because if I am busy I will forget, but usually I always have it on. :) 
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  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I keep mine in a little crystal jewelry box on our dresser.
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  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma member
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    I wear mine all the time. Took it off after a bad wreck and my hand were swelling and at the end of my pregnancy.
  • I'm 50/50 on wearing my ring at home. Never when cleaning, cooking, other dirty tasks. I have a ring stand in the kitchen, bathroom, and our bedroom.
  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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    I take it off to shower or do anything that gets my hands dirty.  I also take it off when applying lotion, I know lotion won't harm the ring I just don't like getting it all gooey, and I HAVE to take it off when I do anything with my hair because everything gets stuck in my hair.  When I do take it off I have a little box on my bedside table that I keep it in.  
  • I only had my ring for 2 days before I had to take it to get resized. I wore it all around the house but took it off to wash my hands, put on lotion and just had it stuck between my teeth or set it on the counter while I did that. I'm afraid to lose it but also afraid to get it dirty. I do take it off to sleep since it sits high it snags and gets linty. I keep it in its box on my dresser until I get out of the shower in the morning. When I get my ring back in 2 weeks I get to wear it to work and I'm worried about sanitizer water that I use to clean tables (I'm a server) ruining the finish on the metal.
  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing Alaska member
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    I always wear it.  When H asked what I wanted in a ring, I specifically asked for something low profile that wouldn't get in the way.  I take my rings off for putting on lotion, doing really dirty stuff with my hands like gardening, cooking where I need to mix with my hands and rock climbing.

  • I've actually been wondering how often to wear my ring and when I should take it off, so this thread was extremely helpful for me. So far I only take my ring off when cleaning. Should I be taking it off when I shower? I noticed the majority of women take it off when they bathe, and I hope it's okay that I don't.

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  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Yes.  I only take it off when I am putting on lotion or doing some heavy-duty cleaning.
  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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    @hellokellybean Wearing your ring in the shower is fine and it won't get damaged at all, a lot of people take it off to shower because when shampoo or conditioner gets on it it can slip around a bit which gets annoying, or it can get stuck in your hair while you're shampooing (Which is why I don't wear it in the shower) but those are just minor annoyances, not anything that's going to harm your ring.  
  • I rarely take mine off.
  • I only take mine off at the gym and when kneading bread dough . I used to take it off when doing my hair but I've gotten used to it so it doesn't tangle in my hair anymore.

    I don't have a good place to put it and I would surely lose it so I prefer to keep it on all the time. Sleeping, showering all of that.

  • I keep mine on almost all the time. Usually when I'm cleaning, cooking something messy or occasionally when showering are the only times I take it off.

    I love my ring very much. And will wear it on our honeymoon unless I'm in the water or somewhere I might lose it. But I'm getting a simple band so I'll have something on my finger at all times.

    Looks like I may need to get my white gold dipped after the honeymoon. I'm guessing I will have to pay for that. Is that correct?

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  • Mine is white gold and I've had it in saltwater fish tanks and it's still fine, has never needed a single repair.
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  • Mine is white gold too and I feel like its already lost some shine. I've had it 6 month.

    @fre3doms I'd ask your jeweler about the cost of redipping. Mine does it free.

  • kaitlynmichellekaitlynmichelle British Columbia member
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    I keep mine in the box it came in when I'm not wearing it. I tend to misplace small items frequently so keeping it only on my hand or in the box is best.
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  • Hate to hijack, but WHERE do you keep your ring when you do take it off? Do you keep it in your pocket, put it in its box, put it on a necklace, etc ?
    Yep in its box otherwise it is on my finger! the only time i have take it off and it hasnt been in its box was at FI's house when I was showering that I gave it to him to hold onto

  • mizangi said:
    Hate to hijack, but WHERE do you keep your ring when you do take it off? Do you keep it in your pocket, put it in its box, put it on a necklace, etc ?

    I put mine it its box when I'm sleeping, cleaning, and showering but I really want a cute little ring dish!

    I just got a ring dish for christmas from a cousing that I might begin to use if I find it a spot!

  • I have mine off right now because I'm in the middle of prepping a chicken for tonight's dinner and I don't want to wear my rings near raw meat. I often take them off to cook, because I have a pave setting and I'm paranoid about bacteria getting underneath the settings. I also take them off to clean (bleach and other nasty chemicals), and to make dough. Otherwise, nope.
    I study Biology and after my microbiology class and my soon to begin medical studies I want to figure out a way to sanitize and minimize bacteria growing in the setting (mine has a pave too)

  • HaileyDancingbear Thank you for giving me peace of mind :)

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  • mine is very low profile, so it doesn't get caught on things or my hair. I never take it off, except for lotioning or sometimes for my kickboxing class.

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  • I wear mine at home, but I take it off if I'm taking a shower, washing my face, or cooking things like raw meat/cookie dough that could get into my ring setting.

    I try to clean it once a week with the jewelry cleaner I bought at Walmart. It has the little toothbrush like thing so it really gets under the prongs and gets any buildup out of there.

    If I'm not wearing it I put it back in its box so that it's safe since I also tend to misplace items all the time. I need to get a ring holder though.
  • KytchynWitcheKytchynWitche Ridin' the Zebra member
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    I used to wear mine all the time, no matter what I was doing, because the first couple of nights I took it off, my cat would knock it off the nightstand and chase it under the bed (I guess she likes sparkly things?).

    Lately I haven't been wearing it though, because I've had a tingle in my left hand/arm and wearing the ring is uncomfortable. I'm fairly certain I've just pinched a nerve further up in my arm and it's doing funny things, but I can't see the doctor until he's back from his holiday, so I'm just not wearing my ring in the meantime.

    I will probably go back to wearing it all the time once I've seen the doctor though.
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  • I wear mine during waking hours for the most part. I remove it when I'm going to do anything dirty, or while at work when I have to do some sterile compounding because 1. it will rip my glove and 2. if it doesn't rip the glove, latex can actually pop the smaller stones straight out.  only other time I take it off is a lot  times when I sleep as my fingers sometimes swell so I've woken up in pain from it before.

  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    I usually take my ring off right when I get to my home. I don't live with FI yet, but when I go over to his place, I usually keep it on till we go to bed. I have a feeling that when we live together I'll wear it more.

    Everyone else has already mentioned- bathing, lotioning, cooking, cleaning--- I do all of that so much, why bother taking it on and off, on and off?  My setting rises a bit off my finger so it does get caught on things. There is some intricate metal detail and I don't want soap-scum or anything else in there. Plus, I'm klutzy and have hit it on my granite counter sometimes- cringe!!  

    I adore it, it's gorgeous, but I just don't like wearing jewelry at home. The moment I get home, the work clothes come off, the jewelry comes off, the yoga pants go on and my hair goes in a pony-tail.  The ring goes in my jewelry box.

    That being said, I actually asked FI if he'd buy me a plain, inexpensive sterling silver wedding band "placeholder" that I could wear to the gym so I don't have to wear my fancy stuff or appear single while working out. He said he would, so that's cool. 

  • I left my ring with my parents during our honeymoon but took my band. I take my ring off to clean, shower, put on lotion and sleep. My stone is a garnet, so while it's a fairly sturdy stone, it is more fragile than diamond.

  • I've had a promise ring since Christmas of 2011 and then got engaged November of 2013, I've never been ring-less, only when I shower, cook, or do the dishes I take it off. Other than that, I wear it everywhere I go. :)

     Just can't wait til July 11th, 2015!

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  • Most of the time, but not when showering, washing dishes, sometimes cooking, or doing messy/dirty things.

    I always put my ring in one of two places when it's off, though - a drawer if I'm in the bathroom, or a spot in the cupboard if I'm in the kitchen.
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