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Alright ladies .. my first dress fitting is coming I am thinking about having the cups sewn into my dress I would like to do a corset but my dress is a thin material so I don't want it to look funky with the corset under it. But anyways my dress shop told me I should wear full under wear on my wedding day big problem I don't own full underwear nor will I buy any to uncomfortable for me she also told me a thong wouldn't be a good idea .. any suggestions on what I should do? 

Sorry its a little personal but oh well! 

Re: under dress wear

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    Wait, you don't own a pair of underwear that isn't a thong?  Is that what you mean?  How can you/why would you want to wear a thong when on your period?  Sorry, TMI.

    Anyways, I think you could just buy a nude pair of Spanx or Body Wrap shape-wear or panties (I recently bought a pair) to wear for the wedding day.
  • what was her reason for full underwear ?  Is the dress so thin it's see thru?  If so, def go with nude colored so you can't see it through the dress.
  • I would work on finding a pair you like for your wedding day between now and then. My favorite full coverage are a seamless pair from VS Pink. They're like second skin.

    Or go with @doeydo's suggestion and look for Spanx or something similar. Either way, I can't imagine a solution that doesn't involve fabric covering your whole bum, which is pretty much full coverage underwear.
  • Honestly, I would wear white.  If your dress is so thin you need full coverage underwear, there will be a noticeable contrast in color between where there's one layer of fabric over your skin and where there's at least two where the seams are.  

    My little sister's wedding was last weekend.  She definitely should have worn white undergarments.  The dress wasn't thin enough to be inappropriate but there were white stripes all over her bodice where the seams were.

  • You could do boy shorts, and get the more 'booty' shorts. If you must gone granny panties I recommend a pair of nude Patagonia hipsters. They run about $20-25 a pair and are great. They don't ride up, they stay in place and they breathe. They are designed to be worn while hiking and exercising. So when you get warm from the dress it wicks away any moisture (AKA sweat) and is comfortable. I'm not sure why they recommended no thing-but who knows. If the dress is thin-you will want the nude full coverage. You don't want his grandpa seeing the outline of you hanky panty thing :) In terns of the bra-I'm not sure what I plan to do. I've been asking around and I'm hearing having it sown in help and then I plan to use "cupcakes" search for it on line--to help me out (I've had a lot of boob removed by the doctors-I know TMI but good golly we are talking bras, boobs, panties, and periods on here.
  • @doedydo  (TMI) I don't own any non-thong underwear either - they make pantyliners in a thong shape!

    I'm going to order this Spanx product in nude:

    I definitely need some sort of slip under my dress.  I've also always heard nude is less noticeable for an undergarment than white, which can contrast so much with your skin as to make it noticeable even under a white dress.
  • Oh and about the bra -

    I wore a corset under my first wedding dress, 10 years ago.  I wouldn't do it again.  It was thick under the dress, and made me look flatter than I already am.  Looked cute when the dress came off, though! 

    I'm going with an adhesive bra now, which is what I always wear in "strapless" situations.  You can get push-up cups and stick and clip them in such a way as to give you more cleavage than you might get with sewn-in cups (if you're like me, and need it).  But if you get hot and sweat a lot, I wouldn't recommend adhesive.
  • By full underwear do you mean like a one piece thing like this Or a full back panty?

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