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I live in Lancaster County, PA and do not know how to pick someone to do my hair and make up for my wedding day! I would like someone to travel to my bridesmaids and I.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to who I should contact?  And how do you go about picking someone?

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    I also live in Lancaster, and I am struggling with this, too. I absolutely LOVE this one salon/spa called Luxe, and have been there several times in the past for spa services. However, they are very pricey for bridal beauty. For example, their "bridal updo" costs $200+. I really am not sure what distinguishes a "bridal updo" from a "formal updo," which only costs $75+. Anyway, I had been e-mailing back and forth with a consultant there, and had pretty well decided on a package which cost $495 (included hair and makeup with practices, spray tan, facial, and any mani/pedi), which would have ended up costing about $600 with gratuity. Well, after about 11 e-mails, the consultant informed me that I would need to also pay $50/hour to have the salon open early to accommodate me. I'm sorry, but I refuse to spend $600 on services (which is a little outrageous to me to begin with) and then pay additional on top of that. 

    So now I've been looking around at other places. I've heard great things about Viva La Vida Salon and Spa (they do hair and makeup, but not airbrush, and they do not do nails) as well as MarcVon Salon and Spa (they do hair and nails, but not makeup). Both of these places are MUCH more reasonable in pricing. 

    I hope that helps a bit. You can also google "salons/spas in Lancaster, PA" and it will give you a list of options. I singled out those two because I know someone who knows the owners of each, so I know they are very reputable. 

    When are you getting married?
  • I used Melissa McHugh for hair. She also does make up, but I had already booked my MU Artist before I found Melissa. She did 4 women's hair for my wedding in Lancaster, and traveled to our bridal suite. If I recall correctly, it was about $90 for the bride's hair and $50 or $60 for anyone else's, whatever style. My MOH had a fancy updo, my mother just had the old lady hair curl.

    I really loved her work! I like that she didn't charge to travel to me, and she was less expensive then most salons.
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    Check Patricia Solis, she is on wedding wire and also here, she has great reviews and offers both makeup and hair.  She only does makeup but has a few girls that do the hair and I have used her a few times for performance and been in 2 weddings were I recommended her. and she is also on Facebook
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