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Which Beach for the Ceremony?

I am recently engaged and have just started this process. I want to get married on the beach on a budget. I would like to do the ceremony on the beach and the reception someone near by. I just can't figure out how to pick a beach to get married on... Has anyone had their ceremony on the beach? How did you choose which beach would be the best?

Re: Which Beach for the Ceremony?

  • Hi and welcome. A lot of us have had ceremonies on the beach with a reception some place else. I personally was married on the beach in front of the Sanderling and had our reception there as well. It depends on which part of the Outer Banks you are looking to be married at. Are you looking for an event home or for a venue?
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  • I too was married on the beach, outside of our beach home, and had our reception at 108 Budleigh. Like Kel mentioned, it all depends on what part of the Outer Banks you want to get married on.  The beach house that we rented was listed as an event home, however, since we did not actually have all of our guests in the home for an extended period of time and had the ceremony on the beach, they agreed not to charge us the event fee, which can be up to $2500 on top of the security deposit.  I knew from the beginning that our reception location would be different from the ceremony location on the beach.  With that said, we went down to the OBX Wedding Expo and that is when I saw 108 Budleigh and fell in love.  Once I had the reception nailed down, then I could focus on finding a beach home for us to have the ceremony at.  Since 108 Budleigh was in Manteo, I knew that Nags Head or South Nags Head would be a better location than say Duck or Corolla, as we didn't want there to be a 45min+ drive from one place to the other.  This is how I was able to work things out, so just wanted to share my experience.

    How many guests do you think you will have?  Do you have some sort of a budget in mind for the reception venue?  If you could give us a better idea as to what your ideal ceremony & reception is like, then we can probably help you narrow things down based on our experiences.  I would recommend looking at the Outer Banks Wedding Assoc website for inspiration from other weddings, as well as the different venues that are offered.


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