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Rehearsal dinner?

We're having our wedding an hour and a half away from where we live at a state park. Most of my bridesmaids live an additional hour away. We're renting an indoor pavilion out for the day of the wedding but will not have access to it the night before. Would it be okay to take my MOH who lives nearby to the wedding site and show her where everyone needs to stand so she can orchestrate it the day of instead of doing a rehearsal? If we do that, do we have to have a rehearsal dinner?

Re: Rehearsal dinner?

  • You don't have to have a rehearsal dinner, if you don't have a rehearsal. If you want to take your MOH so that she gets and idea of what it looks like, then go for it. A rehearsal isn't really necessary as it's nothing more than walking up the aisle and most people can figure that out on their own. 
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  • My only worry was that, because its an outdoor wedding, there isn't a traditional aisle.
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