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I'm new here-green bay wedding at our home :)

Hi there. The intro discussion said closed (although I'm on my phone as my 6yo daughter is streaming a movie on the computer-so maybe I don't see the available discussion ;)
Anyway-this is both of our 2nd weddings. He is 40 and has 3 teen girls. I'm 39 and have my 1 daughter. We're planning a July 2015 wedding in our yard in Green Bay. Probably 120 guests, tent, band, catered, shabby chic. We're paying for it ourselves and although we have more funds available than we did for our 1st weddings, we also have bigger expenses so we're looking to do a lot of diy and keep it simple but elegant.
... and I have no idea where to start! ;)

Re: I'm new here-green bay wedding at our home :)

  • Since it is at your home, I suppose the first thing to do is pin down your vendors, your vision for your wedding, and go from there! Good luck and have fun!
  • Thanks :)
    ...pin down vendors...that's where I'm stuck, haha!  I wish we could hire a planner but I don't think that's in the budget.  I just feel like I'm swimming in options and wish I had a list of the most budget friendly ones to choose from.  At least there's Google!  Let the legwork begin ;)
  • If you want DIY, I suggest Pinterest if you aren't already on it :) That's where I got a lot of my ideas for my wedding... especially the DIY.

    BTW: Green Bay bride here as well! Hopefully you picked a date with warmer weather than what it is now! ;)
  • Well, don't worry about vendors - everyone here has used or are using some great ones so if you get stuck on one and want opinions, just let us know and we can all help!
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