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October 2011 Weddings

How far along.......Part 2?

Hi Ladies,

So I decided to repost How far along...since the previous one is getting down there and I am too lazy to look for it.  I thought I post another one for what we will accomplish in the month of December?  Keep updating as to how far you ladies are getting in your to do list!

Btw,  I put up our monogram on my planning bio if you guys are interested.  It is finally up!  Tell me what do you guys think.  It was the first design I did and I did more but we like the first one so much, that we chose that one. 

Can't wait for your updates!

Re: How far along.......Part 2?

  • Hina, that monogram looks amazing!  You're very talented =)

    I'm also glad you started a new thread to this, again sometimes I feel so lost on what planning I CAN be doing so I love to hear updates from all you girls, seeing what we're doing.  For me?  I've been looking more in depth at the possible reception venue list and am narrowing it down.  We'll be inviting 130+ and some of the places I had listed seat 100 or below and some were just not so convient in other ways.  I have a lot of out of town-ers coming who won't be used to driving in cities so I think it would be best to avoid some of the places in downtown Columbus that have no private parking, unfortunately.  Once we narrow down that list, I'll send out my inital email for information and start setting up tours.

    I think that'll be it for me in the month of December, besides just looking up centerpiece ideas, flower choices, and all that sort of brainstorming.  Once the new year rolls around I might book my photographer so we can also get engagement photographs taken Fall of 2010. 
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  • Thanks Kristen!  We have been looking at some places for the ceremony and I have been emailing people back and forth, but I feel with the date being so far away some of them are like literally blowing me off, which does not help them in my book.  I don't think we will be touring any place till sometime in March.  FI is going to be out of town for the next 3 months and he will be leaving mid or end of december.  Frown  On the upside the time will give me a chance to save some money for the deposit for both the reception and ceremony.  Indian weddings are so expensive!

     I am sure you will find your perfect venue, just keep looking and Keep us updated!
  • For me I dont want to do anything else until the new year. I have my caterer and reception hall booked. I am looking at one photographer in particualr, but wil wait until the beginning of the year, because I want to book for my engagement in 2010. I also can't do anything with the church until March when FI is done with school and we have time to go to a class.  My mom and I may go talk to a florists that she knows to see what their prices will run me. Hopefully not too much.
  • I'm really surprised to hear that vendors are blowing you off, hina!!!  Every single one I have talked to tells me that it is not too early and it's actually very smart to book this early.  The ones that are blowing you off obviously don't want your business!!
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  • I kid you not!  Some of them have been really nice and sent me informational and cost packages, and they are politely telling me that they don't start booking until 9 months before the date for the ceremony or 1.5 year for our reception venue.   I know these places are popular, but still.  But others I have yet to hear from and all I can think of is the date.  But other vendors for catering and photography have been super helpful and they are telling me to book asap.  But I don't want to book the venues first and do all the rest after that. 

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