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Coming from Scranton, looking at Steel Stacks, Brew works...

I'm from the Scranton area, tired of everything I've seen. Looking into steel stacks and the Allentown brew works. Anyone have any experiences at either of these places? I just came across them on the internet recently and obsessed. But, definitely don't want to ask 200 people to drive that far for a mediocre (or worse) terrible time.

Anyone know of something in between?
Any other suggestions?
I'm becoming desperate to just book our venue already!

Thanks ahead of time. 

Re: Coming from Scranton, looking at Steel Stacks, Brew works...

  • I haven't been to a wedding at the Steel Stacks center, but I've been to events there -- it's SO SO pretty!  I've looked into it for my wedding as well, but, I don't want to have the 1.5 hour drive either, and I'm unsure how a formal wedding would do there.  But, all other events I've been to there have been great!  The food/catering (we had mostly appetizer-like food -- what I imagine would be served during cocktail hour) seems good, and the staff is very friendly there, as well.  Seems like a great place for a wedding, but... the drive... :( 
  • No wedding experience, but I've eaten at Brew works and the food is good and environment is unique. I've seen steel stacks and it looked really nice. I looked into them, but they were out of budget. Good luck! It is a long drive, but there are tons of lodging and things to do if your guests wanted an extended stay.
  • I've been to a fraternity formal at Brew Works and it was nice.  I've never been to a wedding at Steel Stacks but think it would make for a much more unique location. For all of your out of town guests, there are plenty of shopping, accommodations, and the casino all in the same area as the Steel Stacks, which makes for a great long weekend if anyone chooses to stay.
  • Have you checked out Blue Mountain?? www.skibluemt.com
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