Tendenza- a Cescaphe venue in Philadelphia, PA

Has anyone had their ceremony and reception at Tendenza? I feel in love with this site after finding it through the knot. I'm visiting it this weekend along with the Downtown Club. Can anyone tell me if they had less than 150 at the venue? My guest list is around 150 but I know not all guest will come so I'm projecting around 120-130. I know their is a minimum but based on their prices and what they offer I'm not sure if I can beat that price. I was wondering if they work with you if you have less guest? Also will the venue at Tendenza seem empty if it isn't at least 150 ppl? Thank you!!

Re: Tendenza- a Cescaphe venue in Philadelphia, PA

  • Sorry I cannot provide you with an answer but I'm in the same boat, I would love to get married at Tendenza and any info is greatly appreciated. I actually just went to a wedding at TDC two weeks ago and it was amazing. My only complaint is that the bar is outside of the reception area where the cocktail hour is held and I felt like a lot of people just hung around there, instead of dancing and socializing inside the reception area. However, that is a very very very minor complaint and overall it was incredible.
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