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ahh! Someone just pick one for me!

I am the most indecisive person and I am having the worst time trying to find songs for our ceremony. I have however narrowed it down to a "genre" if you can call it that. So I dont like cheesy traditional songs like Cannon in D or Bridal March but I dont like Forever by Chris Brown or Bruno Mars "Marry Me" either. I guess this kind of leaves me in the middle. I am getting married in a church and like the instrumental version of "I can only Imagine" by Mercy Me but can not for the life of me choose a song to go with it. Other christian songs I do like are "When God made You" by Newsong and others more modern. I dont know if I should stick to those or do instrumental versions of more popish songs. I love the piano guys version of "A thousand Years" by Chrisina Perri. SEE?! Im all over the place and I need help narrowing down something. Ive been back and forth for Months! How would you pair these songs?

Re: ahh! Someone just pick one for me!

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    I adore "A Thousand Years."  I honestly didn't even worry about what songs "went" together. My 'maids walked to "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles because it was one they had in their repertoire that I liked, I walked to "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel because it is my favorite love song, and our Recessional was "Star Wars: Throne Room,"  because my husband is a die hard Star Wars fan, all performed by string trio. 
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  • I'm doing classical guitar instrumentals for the entire pre-ceremony (when people are being seated) and ceremony so it all flows. That way even if the song types are very different, they'll all "flow" because they're all played on the same instrument. So for seating we might have "Can't Help Falling in Love," "A Thousand Years," and Canon in D. The wedding party will be walking to "I'll Stand By You" and I'll be walking to the theme from the Princess Bride. :) (FI and I watched that on our second date, and it's beautiful on guitar!) So I think as long as you have similar-sounding instrumentals (piano and cello, or woodwinds, etc), it doesn't matter if the songs are "pop-ish" or not. 

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