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Alcohol and drinks

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Our venue is set up to where you bring everything in. We're planning on supplying a few different pop choices, water bottles, beer and basic liquor choices even though most will probably bring their own selections (this is just a family tradition not because we're telling them to bring their own). We're planning 100-125 people and quite a few of them are kids/teens. How do we know how much to get of each? For the pop should we do cans or 2-liters? Should I "hire" someone to handle drinks/making drinks or the guest just grab or make their own?

Also, I seen someone posting about Cold Stone catering and while they are a bit out of budget, our caterer offers an ice cream bar. Is an ice cream bar and cupcakes too much? And can the ice cream bar be considered the favor?

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Re: Alcohol and drinks

  • Nope not one of my friends lol I was thinking of one the guys at the fire dept I ran at that used to help at the venue on the side. I guess I put " because not an actual bartender but would be able to pour drinks and beer
  • Just check with your venue and the laws on who can serve the alcohol.  I know our venue is BYOB but if someone serves they have to be licensed to do such.  Otherwise this is a bit of a know your crowd thing.  If most people like wine get extra wine and so on.

    As far as your part two, favors are optional and not required.with 100-125 people will a single ice cream bar be efficient enough???  When will it start and how long will it be open???  You don't want a rush of people lining up and then having to wait forever for the people up front to make their ice cream.  Its not  bad idea, just need to figure out the logistics.

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