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Help! Down to my last two dresses...


Re: Help! Down to my last two dresses...

  • They are both lovely, I agree with PPs, the second is more bridal

  • Personally I love the first one.  I think it is very unique and the second one looks like a lot of other dresses you see out there. 
  • Ahhh, I love Watters Jacinda. Every time I see it, I vote for it. It's just very soft and flowy and romantic. I like Jenny Packham Esme, too, and I've tried it on myself. While it's a beautiful gown, it doesn't have the same flowy, romantic look. It's a bit more sheath-like, a bit more vintage. The detailing is beautiful, but the blousson-ish waist can look bulky in side shots.

    TL;DR: 2.
  • Another vote for #2! Fits with a "dreamy/romantic"theme much better.

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    Sorry, I think two is kind of matronly on the bottom.
    I feel the same way.  I don't care for the dress solely because of the bottom.  I think #1 is stunning.
  • They're very different... I think you really would be stunning in either.

    My biggest pro's for #1:  
    Unique - I've never seen a bride wear something like this.
    Sparkle/wow - This dress definitely has more "wow:

    Biggest pro's for #2:
    More bridal/classic - the illusion neckline is kind of a trend, but not one I think you'll regret in 10 years
    Comfortable (guessing...) - the bottom is less fitted and may be easier to wear/dance/last all day in

    Overall.... I'd probably pick #1 for myself based on the pictures, but I think #2 goes more with the theme you described.

    Let us know which one you pick!!
  • The first one is incredibly gorgeous- but number 2 is the winner for me. 
  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    That is a tough choice. They are both beautiful! but I think I'd go with number 2. 

  • My theme is very similar, and I'd definitely go with number one! It matches your theme perfectly. 

    The second seems overdone to me. 
  • Those are both soooo gorgeous! But I just really think that the second one looks nicer. Somehow it just has a different more joyous vibe about it to me.
  • I as well am having a vintage themed wedding! For your theme, I actually am leaning towards #1 for you. I feel like it gives more of that vintage feel. #2 is really pretty and certainly classic looking, but, just picturing your colors/flowers/decor I think #1 would be a beautiful pick. That dress is stunning!
  • I like the first one better.
  • I like the first one, so unique and vintage looking.
  • I think both are stunning.

    #1 IMO goes more with the vintage feel and gives more of a "wow factor."

    #2 goes more with the magical/dreamy theme you described.  It's lovely and looks way more comfortable than #1, but I don't feel like the dress itself will get the "wow" factor some brides want.
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  • Both are incredibly beautiful, but I prefer 2.

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  • Both gorgeous but I think #2 matches your "dreamy magical" wedding more than the first. Although I also LOVE #1. 
  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
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    Oh wow they're both gorgeous! I'm jealous. 

    At first glance I really loved 1 but I agree that 2 is more flattering. 1 is pretty but it was made with priority given to embellishment over fit, if that makes any sense. The top is a little like a baggy tshirt-which is sort of the look it's going for, but more appropriate to a fashion forward event over a wedding.. 2 is very dreamy and romantic. 
  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    In case you didn't choose yet-- #1 all the way!!  I like it even better in the second pic you posted.  Lovelovelove and it seems to fit your theme well.  FWIW I think it's flattering on you, just a different style than others might be used to seeing.
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  • I love two. It's youthful and romantic.
  • Is there an update as to which dress you chose?

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  • I love #1. Good luck with your choice!
  • Quick- think of standing at the alter. Which dress immediately entered your mind? That is the one you should buy. You can't go wrong either way.
  • I actually like the first one better..but both are lovely.  The second one is kind of boring IMO... Congratulations~!~
  • Have you made a decision? I would love to know!
  • Have you made a decision? I would love to know!
    Yeah, me too! I keep coming back to find out!
  • #2 feels romantic and slightly whimsical to me - it's that flowy skirt.  The first dress is pretty, but doesn't strike me as a wedding dress, per se.  

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